Helicopter Nyc to Hamptons

Nyc helicopter to Hamptons

Hamptons is one of the most popular resort communities on the east coast. Begin your weekend earlier with JetSmarter Helicopter Services. Not if you're flying a helicopter.

East-Hampton approves cancellation of helicopter licensing contract

Both Hampton's inhabitants and guests will recall the "helicopter wars" of last year' s summers, when tens of millions of noise claims were submitted due to increasing air travel to and from East Hampton Airport. Finger pointing was at BLOAD - the "About for Helicopters" that offers flights from New York City to East Hampton and back, resetting jet-setters by about $795 per seated.

These helicopter battles have just become a little more chaotic as the East Hampton Town Board decided to cancel a licensing contract with the helicopter firm at the end of last week, the East Hampton Star states. The licence contract in issue does not apply to operation at the aerodrome - which can only be controlled by the aeronautical administration - but to permission to have a check-in counter at the aerodrome terminals, according to a statement by a member of staff of BLADE.

While the licence contract with SLADE - which has been in force since 2016 - has been cancelled because East Hampton International has not been authorised to operate regular traffic, SLADE is marketing exactly that. These changes do not seem to affect privately owned aircraft, so that mega-rich inhabitants like Ira Rennert and Michael Bloomberg can still get their privately owned "helicopters" to and from the airports without any problems.

Naturally there are still many possibilities to reach the Hamptons from the town. Like the Hampton Jitneys, the Hampton Jitneys will continue to run along with the existing Airbus train.

The East Hampton wants to make helicopter services Blade down-to-earth.

The Hamptons may be more tricky to get into this year' s season if the city of East Hampton manages to close Blade - the Uber for Helicopter. Blade "revoked" its right to conduct operations at East Hampton Airport at the end of last week and notified the Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings of the US Department of Transportation.

However, clients who take the $795 helicopter flights from Blade to Manhattan think they are being treated differently. "Typhoons who own choppers and bring their visitors back and forth into town are the worse offenders," a native said. A long listing of helicopter operators will comprise Ira Rennert, Stephen Schwarzman, Michael Bloomberg, Ronald Perelman and Paul Tudor Jones.

Meanwhile, the city has no responsibility for the airstrips.

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