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The stickers are not required to pass the PCO vehicle test. To renew a PCO license for a PHV, you must do the following: In order to continue to use a vehicle for private rentals, you must ensure that your driver's license is renewed on time every year. The PCO Vehicle Check Request | About Driver Forum Hello, Can anyone give me a special request for the London PCO Inspector? Do I have to put the non-smoking sticker on the back of the can? Anything else I should put in the automobile for the service to be a success?

To inspect? For example, if the inspector sees wires running along the top of the dashboard, he may not pass (unlikely, but likely you will only be informed).

All you need to know can be found on this page: https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/taxis-a...te-hire-licensee/private-hire-vehicle-licence For some apparent reasons the PDF document linking "Passing the Inspection First Time" does not seem to work. I was not informed when I made the appointments, and since my vehicle is less than 2 years old, I never had an engine made because I thought you didn't need it for the first 3 years, of course they didn't pass me and I had to change the booking, postponing everything by 2 months!

Your PCO license for your vehicle

Each vehicle with a PCO licence is licenced for a period of 12 month by the approval authority administered by London -based TSF. According to the rules, all PHVs must be licenced annually. To extend a PCO licence for a single product, you must do the following:

New PCO vehicle: Do not take your motor home longer than 14 calendardays before your motor home is inspected. Make sure that your cars are covered by insurance and taxation on the date of your service. As soon as the automobile has successfully completed the service, a new licence will be granted allowing you to use this special automobile for rent.

Bring a copy with you and pass it on to your Minicab/PCO provider along with a current policy to continue working with this particular car.

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