Best Macbook Air Clone

Bestselling Macbook Air Clone

The upper box contains the clone. A MacBook clone doesn't have to be a bad thing. It is the best MacBook Clone for Windows Die-Hards.

Razer has been selling aggressively colorful peripheral devices and personal computers to those who are more interested in picture rate and mortality rate than they are in the stream for more than a decade. What's more, Razer's products have been the most popular and most popular in the world. When Razer introduced his first ultra-portable notebook to the market last year, however, it was a very different, relatively play-free tale. Now the Stealth is back with an even more sophisticated look and a slightly larger display, but it's still not good at gaming - and there's not even a stain of Neongreen on it.

That' not a Razer. Razer doesn't even have the color RGB backlight that Razer incorporates into virtually anything it makes (including its damn cup of coffee) in our $1,399 gun metal grey reviewer. That' s good, because the Blade Stealth is the MacBook Pro clone with Windows I always wanted. Very non-shaving razor notebook.

Now before you get angry about someone naming another aluminum-housed notebook a MacBook clone, come on. The colours are quite exactly the same; even the colours are quite exactly the same; gun metal is what used to be called room grey by humans before Jony Ive Apple staged it. However, Razer has made some subtle but important changes to Apple's formulation, such as adding both kinds of usb port, which is a good way to close the loop between old technology and new peripheral devices.

You' ll even get a full-size HDMI connector so you don't have to lug around a dumb little key if you want to plug the Stealth into an outside screen. While the Stealth stylus is much smaller than that of the MacBook Pro, there's still room to get things done.

And then there is the Stealth keypad, which is much better than the super-flat set-ups you get from today' Macbook pros, and there's none of those touch-bar nonsensics to get to grips with. But I think that ignoring Razer's unusual chroma backlight on the red brass is a big flaw.

In order to get that colorful shine back, you have to choose a stealth color. When Razer would have done full RGB with this keypad, nothing prevents them from making all the backlighting whiter if they want to conceal their performance levels. Inside, the Stealth has the kind of specifications you'd want from an ultra-portable $1,300 laptop, plus an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of random access memory, and a 256GB solid-state disk drive.

The 3200 x 1800 3-inch display has a beautiful nib in the lid thanks to built-in multi-touch capability, which is still something you can't get on a MacBook. The Stealth uses the Intel HD 620 graphic, which at best offers an anaemic graphic power. To edit a photograph or videotape or two is okay, but when I tried to playback Civilizations VI at 1920 x 1080 (not even its full native resolution) and minimal adjustments, the Stealth fought to reach even 11ps.

But the only way to enhance the overall enjoyment is with outside video like the Razer Core video amplifier or one of those Apple designs that Apple now wants to drive for use with its own laptop computers. It' d be great if you could choose a Core 5 or 8GB Core while getting the prize nearer to $1,000.

However, the only genuine choice that you have are colours (black or grey) and the size of an ASD that you want. The Razer Blade Stealth is the 13-inch notebook for someone like me who has never really managed to deal with Apple's leopards, mountain lions or high sierras, and I've always been hoping someone would make it.

It has the kind of slim styling and sound workmanship I've already come to appreciate about Apple's MacBooks, with an operating system I'm more familiar with, and a host of enhancements that make this Windows engine much more beautiful to use. The Stealth makes it feel like Razer is at last becoming a little grown up - I just really hoped it doesn't go all the way to the no-fun area so I can get my RGB light back.

Slim, sophisticated Razer styling. The red bronze version is not equipped with an RGB chroma backlight on the keypad.

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