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Taxi¨ de Taxi¨ is French for taxi rank:

Map of the born taxi companies

On this page you will find the interactive map of taxi and terminal stops in Paris. The capital has almost 400 railway stops, but many of them are not very frequented by taxi. We offer you a selection of 150 of the most important per district. Click on the location of your choice to find out more details about the exact contact details, day or night times and rates.

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This is the only genuine inside leader for Paris.

It' not New York, but cabs are still an important part of urban living, and most of us have to use them from time to time, so here are a few things you should know. Have you ever seen anyone trying to call a Paris taxi that's already occupied? Have you tried to get one yourself to come and get you if there's a taxi rank around the next block?

In fact, there are a number of things about a Paris taxi that get away from the radars of its inhabitants and people. When there is a taxi rank within a bloc, you must go there to collect a taxi. Sometime when you are out of sight of the booth, a taxi can stop, but they shouldn't.

Many of the better Paris per Arrondissement cards have the taxi ranks on them. First-time visitors must illuminate the entire top of the taxi board in order for the taxi to be available. When the taxi is empty, it's because it's on its way to find someone who phoned. There is a sweet little picture of it on the website of Taxi Paris (upper leftside corner).

This year all cabs will get new light, which is either available or taken. More information in the January Newletter under " New Taxi Lights". Don't try to rob a cab that someone ordered. It'?s poor cabarma. When you are outside Paris, tariff B is from 7-19 and tariff C from 19-7.

You can always see the tariff card on the front of the taxi. When you are sitting in a privately owned vehicle, there is usually no switch (private limousine service, some shuttle service to the airports, etc.). Seeing the rates on the light on the roof, the rider can't modify them without everyone seeing them, so don't be worried about them being robbed.

Starting price is 2.50, but it will be more if you call a taxi to collect you, usually around 5 ?. Riders don't like making quick trips, so get in and shut the doors before you tell them where you're going. NOT PARIS AXIS TAKING CREDIT CARD. None, at least, that you can get on the streets.

They wonder why the Parisians don't like taking cabs. You are used to having to wait while you go to an ATM, so let them take you to one that comes nearest to your destination, or tell them to stop at a "distributor" on the way. Usually I call to make it easy for the chauffeur to give me tip or give me something to tip if he or she was particularly good at getting me through town.

So if you have no clue where you're going and don't know French, the rider will probably add the tip to the charge anyway, so don't go mad and tip 20%. It' gotta put the taxi driver's number on it. - You are allowed to collect or set down your buddies during the trip without extra "surcharge".

  • Driver is not permitted to have anyone other than customers in the taxi. - Yes, you can smok in cabs that don't have a non-smoking number. You can' let the rider breathe unless you give your consent. - Discerning taxi operators don't ask about your deal. Join the line with everyone else for the cabs.
  • For your convenience, the chauffeur can help you put your baggage in the boot, but is not obliged. - Tupping is NOT necessary in France and I would never tip a rider who actually asked for one. - They can only decline to collect you if they are already occupied, if you want to drive outside the Petit Couronne outskirts (past the airports), if your pockets are too big to carry, if you have a pets (they usually leave me with my dog in a porter, but are not necessary except for guide dogs), if you are so dirty that you would wreck the inside of the vehicle, or if you are obviously intoxicated.
  • They may refuse to stop or await you in a place where there is no lawful place to stop. - Now, if you have a frightening chauffeur or are in the midst of a conflict, ask to be taken to the next policestation to resolve the issue immediately.

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