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Established in February 1995 as Cirrus Luftfahrtgesellschaft mbH, Cirrus Airlines ran an export chartership. Cirrus Airlines was granted a license to provide regular air service between Saarbrücken Airport and Hamburg in March 1998. Cirrus Airlines took over Cosmos Air, it´s Dornier 328 and the Mannheim-Berlin Tempelhof service in August 1999.

On the occasion of the fifth year of Cirrus Airlines in February 2000, she entered into a cooperation with the German Lufthansa and became a member of the Lufthansa Francise Team. Cirrus was granted permission in April of this year to provide regular flights between Mannheim City Airport and Hamburg Airport and between Berlin and Sylt. The Cirrus Group continuously grew its operations, with regular traffic mainly from Saarbrücken Airport and Mannheim City Airport to national destination.

Cirrus Airlines acquired Augsburg Airways, a member of Lufthansa Regional, in 2004. As a result, the head office was relocated to Hallbergmoos, near Munich Airport. The Cirrus Technik and Cirrus Flight Training stayed at Saarbrücken Airport. About Cirrus Airlines: Cirrus Airlines was a member of Aviation Investment Corp. along with Cirrus Maintenance and Cirrus Services. As a result, some aerodromes, such as Hofer Airport and Mannheim City Airport, were suspended for the time being, and all planes returned to Saarbrücken[4][5] on 20 January 2012.

About Cirrus Airlines operated the following destinations: Cirrus Airlines Embraer 145, which flies on Swiss International Air Lines' order, flies over the take-off and landing strips in Nuremberg.

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