Taxis for Airport

Taxi for the airport

Are you ready to switch to the airport cabin service, or is it too early? To make your stay more comfortable, you can place a polite order for your taxi to take you to the airport. Instructions on how to use the airport for pick-up and drop-off.

And if you don't have Lyft or Uber, you can use the below mentioned links and get your FIRST RIDE FOR FREE! How many of you do I like rides like Uber and Lyft! And not only is the whole adventure better than a taxi, but Uber and Lyft are usually 40% less expensive than taxis!

Uber is great for people like me who travel internationally because it's available in 57 different places and Uber prices are fixed so I know I won't be cheated by locals. Only last months I used Uber in Saigon, Vietnam and it was extremly inexpensive and much better than trying to bargain the prize with the locals cabs.

I' ve also used UberX and Lyft to get to the airport in Chicago O'Hare (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA), New York (JFK & LGA), between Washington Dulles (IAD) and National (DCA). Whilst Lyft & Uber are now lawful in most towns and cities, the only place where taxis have really decided not to have carpooling is the airport pickup, because taxis actually have to foot the airport bill for the right to collect passenger there, while carpooling does not.

May I take you over to the airport? No matter where you are in the whole wide globe, you can drive to the airport with Uber or Lyft without any problems! Even though one is only conscious that Uber sometimes (as in Saigon or NYC) has a Flatrate to the airport which they do not always make clear when one wishes a trip.

Therefore, I advise you to always make a price quote before ordering the trip. May I use it from the airport? Applying for a Uber or Lyft during the flight is a bit more difficult because in many towns car pools are "not allowed" to collect passengers from the airport.

Normally I would only go to the cities by means of local transport, but since it was really quite long and rainy, I wanted to take a taxi until I recalled that Lyft and Uber "potentially" were a much less expensive one. My saying is "potential" because although both ministries are not intended to collect humans from the airport, I knew from my past experience that when Uber and Lyft drove their cars to the airport, sometimes they would just be hanging around in the car park hoping to collect a car that would go back to town.

There were a few riders in the area, but because Uber knew that I was on ORD through the mobile phone's own GNSS, I wouldn't be allowed to apply for a UberX drive! All I could get was a more costly cab, a black car or an SUV..... Because Uber allows you to pull the pins to define your pick-up position, as you can see below, I just pulled the pins into the area just outside ORD and drop them to see if it would then allow me to apply for a UberX drive.

A UberX rider answered within seconds, and when he was on his way, I just phoned him and said I was actually at ORD to come and collect. You may not want some chauffeurs to collect you from the airport, so if this is the case, just reverse the trip (cancel for free within 5 minutes) and then let the needle fall again.

Whilst this "trick" doesn't seem like much, just think about how many thousand folks end up on ORD every day, open Uber in search of a less expensive trip to the town and then shut it down because UberX doesn't allow UberX pick-ups on ORD.... The same " gimmick " I used last December in Washington D.C. when I needed a drive between Washington Dulles (IAD) and Washington National (DCA) Airport.

Using this gimmick on EVERY AIRPORT WORLD, just pull the pen out of the airport and call the chauffeur and say you're at the airport. Although I didn't like to take a taxicab from Chicago O'Hare (ORD) airport, I had no clue how much less expensive UberX is in comparison to a taxicab.

In UberX, thanks to their pricing battle with Lyft, the overall cost of the trip was only $34.80 (although I had some over balance, so I was billed only $9.23). Including the tip for the cab ($60 total), UberX was 40% less..... Had I shared the UberX rate with someone else, it would only have been $17 apiece!

Whereas this was my first use of Uber or Lyft to be collected from ORD, I have been using both routes for a year now all over the globe (San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C., New York, Saigon, Bangkok) to get to the airport where there was no possibility of using local transport.

I think Uber and Lyft really do meet a vitally important need in the field of airport transport. Prior to a lift, there were really only 2 ways to get out of the airport without a trip; an inexpensive but comfortable cab or inexpensive but slower traffic. About and Lyft really fill this mid-range area of offering an affordable yet comfortable transport option. What's more, we're able to provide you with the most comfortable and reliable transport solution.

Difficult to hit, $34 to pay. 80 for transporting directly from airport to airport doors.... Whereas it used to be a nuisance not to be able to use Uber or Lyft from the airport in some towns, I now know that if local transport is not an easily available alternative, I have another alternative instead of being compelled into an overpriced cab!

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