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Are you looking for cheap flights to Sri Lanka, Asia? How is flying with Sri Lanka? Didn't you? Receive lower prices for tens of millions of hotels..

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How is it to fly Sri Lankan Airlines?

ETG travelers seem a bit reluctant to make a booking with Sri Lankan and prefer the more popular Emirates or BA. But if you look at the Emirates or BA detail for a Sri Lanka vacation, you will notice that these carriers are less cheap. You often have unfavourable flying schedules, which means that you are tired at take-off or land.

How is it to fly with Sri Lanka? In my view, with their reasonable price, civilized schedules and straight from London to Colombo, they are one of the best choices. My first Sri Lankan Airlines experiences were on my first voyage to the Philippines in 2015.

It' a long distance ride - 10 h 30 min in general - and I found my economics chair quite convenient and easy to adjust. In fact, I even got some rest during my plane ride. It was a very delicious dinner; I chose to eat it curried and although it was not the best dish of the whole expedition and it was certainly one of the best dishes I have ever eaten on a plane.

A particularly good thing that surprised me was that Sri Lankan Air has already given me the opportunity to experience the Sri Lankan people. When I was on my way to and from visiting my family, I was accompanied by English and Sri Lankan family. I was all the more looking forward to my arrival and the cabin crew was looking very gloomy in their saris.

Altogether I would not hesistate to take another Sri Lankan Airlines plane into the United States. It is a very pleasant trip and it is cheap, very pleasant and will prepare you very well for your vacation. Influenced by a trip to Sri Lanka? These are some of my favorite vacation suggestions for Sri Lanka:

Keep in mind that there are no commitments at all and we are here to advise you at every step of your vacation itinerary.

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