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ssspan class="mw-headline" id="Development">Entwicklung[edit] Cessna' CitationJet/M2/CJ-Serie ( model 525 ) are lightweight Businessjets from Cessna and part of the Citation-Frame. Driven by two 1,900 litre (8,5 kN) Williams FJ44 Williams fuselages, it uses the front of the Citation II with a new passage area, flat wings and T-tail. It has EFIS electronics, its hull is 27 cm shortened than the Citation I's, but has a reduced centre corridor for more cabins.

1 ] The CitationJet is a low-wing Monoplan with three-wheel undercarriage and a pressurised cab, the power plants are fitted to the tailgate. The Cessna Citation CJ4 (Model 525C) The elongated CJ4 was presented at the NBAA meeting in October 2006. His grand piano comes from the moderate curved grand piano of the sovereign of quotations.

During 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration provisionally earthed the CJ4 and adopted an Aviation Safety Statement for fire in the initial lithium-ion batteries: "<font color="#ffff00">Cessna CitationJet, CJ1 & CJ2". International Directory of Civil Aircraft - via Textron Aviation is celebrating the launch of the 2,000th Cessna CJ aircraft delivered to the Cessna CJ Family" (press release).

Texas Aviation. and business aviation. Network of Aviation Week. and business aviation. Hello, Aviation Week. NBAA is stealing the spotlight". International flight. "It' Cessna's amazing CJs." <font color="#ffff00">Cessna sees big store for new 2.4 million dollar CitationJet. Hello, Aviation Week. FAA Type Certification for New Course Citation CJ1" (Press Release).

Texas Aviation. "for the Sapphire CitationJet Upgrade Program." International Aviation News. of the Cessna Citations M2". and business aviation. Hello, Aviation Week. Cessna launches new light business jet: Quote "M2" (press release). Texas Aviation. Cessna Launches Second Flight Test Program. Luftfahrtwoche & Space Technology. "Texttron is discontinuing production of the Cessna Chitation Mustang."

International Aviation News. Cessna' s Citation CJ2+ Receives FAA Type Certification" (Press Release). Texas Aviation. Cessna ( March 25, 2014). "<font color="#ffff00">Cessna CJ2+ Alpine Edition <font color="#ffff00">C&(newscast) Cessna' s shutting down production of the CJ2+ aircraft. "Cessna' s CJ3+ receives FAA certification." Aeronautics today. "Quote CJ3: Cessna's best light aircraft? and business aviation. Cessna launches Citation CJ4 at the NBAA; starts the show with 70 orders" (press release).

Texas flight. The Cessna Citation CJ4 (PDF). Civil and corporate aeronautics. Aeronautics Weeks. Quote M2 Specifications. It'?s Cessna. CJ2+ Specifications. It'?s Cessna. CJ3+ Specifications. It'?s Cessna. CJ4+ Specifications. It'?s Cessna. "Type Certificate Datasheet - 525 (Citation Jet) - Textron Aviation Inc" (PDF). The European Air Safety Agency. The Federal Flight Administration.

"Photographs - Cessna Citations M2". "Pilot Report Cessna cavitation M2." and business aviation. Hello, Aviation Week. Quote M2". International Aviation News. "Quote M2: A new entry-level jet from Cessna". With CJ3+" Cessna reinforces the paedigree of cavitation.

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