Alaska Airlines 22

Airlines Alaska 22

The Alaska Airlines company has announced that its services to Cuba will be discontinued. Almost a year to the date it began, Alaska Airlines will end its services to Havana, Cuba in January. Since the Havana router on January 5, 2017, the Alaska planes have been in operation since the Havana voyage and will soon be used for higher-demand routes. "It' ist bedauerlich", sagt John Kirby, vice-pr├ęsident de la planification des capacit├ęs et des alliances.

"but we' re leaving the L.A. to Havana and the last plane will be on January 22nd. "Kirby said they thought there would be great interest after a more than 50-year ban on travelling to Cuba. "Kirby also referred to last week's regulatory changes that people-to-people trips for educational purposes are no longer possible.

Approximately 80 per cent of Alaska's leaflets to Havana received this grant. The Trump government in June heralded a political change in Cuba and declared that the changes made under President Obama would no longer work. "We' re really not blaming the government," Kirby said. "In January, when the carrier began its flight to Cuba, it did so with restricted time.

Usually he stated that they collect and analyse information before introducing a product, but there was no information for this particular product because it did not previously existed. So, what's the answer now, from Cuba? "We' ve got guys who are literal on the scene today briefing Cuban officials," Kirby said.

Messages in Washington and Havana remain open. "Charel van Dam of the Cuba Touring Network said, "Cuba is still open to doing business. "It' s still possible for travellers to go, but I think that these proclamations will mainly be used to discourage travellers who want to come to town. "But Kirby said this was the right choice for the firm.

I' d call it a triumph that we were able to compete successfully in a place like Havana," he said. A passenger who has taken a delayed booking will receive either a full reimbursement or a full fare on another carrier at no extra charge.

Now Alaska Airlines is completing its takeover of Virgin America, so which market will the carrier be expanding into? "Kirby said I can't talk about new routes." However, he said that there is great interest in Seattle and where Amazon will be anchoring its second headquarter.

"Last months I was at a Barcelona meeting and everyone asked me where Amazon was going to have its next headquarter and I said I had no idea," Kirby said. Said we will see much more in Seattle, with towns interested in Amazon's HQ2 and looking for a Seattle destination to provide them.

This year Alaska has started 44 itineraries and the vast majority meets or exceeds the utilization forecast of the carrier, the carrier said. Looking ahead to 2018, the carrier plans to grow its business by almost 8 per cent by expanding capacities in predominantly current market segments.

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