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Taxi Silver Service

So I called the Silver Service Taxi Service to leave right away. Latest tweets from Silver Service Taxis (@_SilverService). The first and largest luxury taxi fleet in Sydney. The most popular luxury taxi fleet in Sydney. The Silver Service App: connects you to Australia's largest taxi fleet, anytime, anywhere.

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Silverservice Taxi Cabs @ 13CABS

Let's work with 13CABS Silver Service. With a cabin price plus $11 extra, this luxurious service is the better choice: Now call to sign up for 13CABS Silver Service on 133 100, make your booking with your free 13CABS my Online My Accounts or get the 13CABS App on your mobile now.

Booking can be made on-line to collect you immediately or up to 7 upfront.

Blackcastle Silver Service Taxis

In case you have problems completing the registration or have a specific enquiry, please call 133 100 and a phone will make your reservation. Because of the attractiveness of this car pool, an alternate taxi will be organized for your reservation if a Silver Service car is not available:

Schwan Taxis Silver Service

The Silver Service is a full service taxi service delivered by the most experienced and experienced taxi operators in the industry. These fleets are devoted to the service of our esteemed clients by offering the highest standard of politeness, service and dependability. Each driver is uniformed and fully qualified to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Silver Service Taxis are all of a higher quality and in perfect working order. All of this is only an additional $11.00 (in addition to the fees), each times you call the service, so if the counter shows $20.00, you will be billed $31.00, but only if you use the Silver Service Taxi.

In case there is no Silver Service vehicle available near you, the operator will contact you and ask if a regular taxi will be accepted. All Silver Service reservations can be made by calling 13 13 30 and requesting a Silver Service Taxi for your company get-together, your trip, your event or your reservation.

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