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Telephone service at home - landline, local and international calls Dependable telephone support at home. There are no interrupted phone conversations. You can now let a caller message when your line is engaged, you're not at home or you just can't make it to the phone. Avoid your voice mail and forward your phone call to a specific number instead, so you don't miss important phone conversations when you're away from home.

Repeated dialing dials a manned number for you again and then informs you when this number is no longer manned so that you can get through. Don't miss any phone call while you're away from home. Dial up to five extra numbers you want to call when you get incomming phone numbers. Using the calling party ID, the phone number and the name of an incomming calling party, if any, are shown on a calling party ID device before you accept the call.

Deny a caller whose caller ID information is either locked or concealed. If a caller receives a notification that you are not taking a call with a locked caller ID, they are recommended to release their number and try their call again. Restrict your incomming phone call to persons whose numbers you specify and forward all other incomming phone conversations - except blocking - to your voice mail.

We will send you an e-mail containing an audible signal and a full-text transcript of a voice mail notification. If your services are not available, you can include a back-up phone number to forward your call. Don't miss a call just because you're on the phone. When you call, a low-pitched sound is displayed when another called.

Move back and forth between the two phone calls as often as you like while holding both phone lines privately. Up to 30 phone numbers can be selected to be routed to a specific number. You do not need to remember phone numbers if you can programme up to 8 numbers for quick one-digit dialling.

With this function you can call back the last inbound call made. Call forwarding is only available for regional phone service and does not work for redirected or 800 or 900 numbers. Stop unsolicited phone conversations from homemarketers, politicians and other roboticists. If you' re on the phone and someone else is on the phone, it's good to know who it is.

With Call Waiting with Caller ID you can see who is making a call and you can choose whether or not to respond. Dial up to 30 phone numbers to be blocked and forward them intelligently to a courteous greeting that says they will not accept a call at this number. Look who's on the phone while you're on TV.

Name and phone number are displayed on the monitor. When you do not want to answer any phone call at the time, you can use Do not disturb to lock all received phone conversations. Blocks all roaming global phone conversations. Conceal your phone number from the person you are phoning. "The receiver displays "Private" or "Anonymous".

All you can do is track your last inbound call. The information gathered during follow-up will only be passed on to a prosecuting authority. Stop all collection charges. Prevent missed phone conversations during use. Redirected it to a specific number or voice mail. Divert incomming phone conversations to voice mail or another number immediately or after a certain number of call.

Prevent third-party providers from billing your home number. With this function you can call back the last inbound call made. Call forwarding is only available for regional phone calls and does not work for redirected or 800 or 900 numbers. Call worldwideCall anywhere in the worid and charge one per call - no need to pay a month.

Quotation applies only to skilled clients who have no open commitments to the charter. Temporary quote; non-binding; applicable to eligible retail clients who have not signed up for any service within the last 30 trading day and have no pending charter commitment. Home phone costs $9. 99/mo if packaged.

Phone at home: Limitless phone conversations include phone conversations within the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and more.

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