Juneau Air Taxi

Aprilau Air Taxi

Air taxi or charter plane: Oberrussisch, Juneau, Trout, E. Schwan, W. Schwan, Lost Lake. (" JNU ") à Juneau, AK zum Smithers Airport (YYD) à Smithers, BC per Lufttaxi.

Leading private jet carrier - Southeast Alaska

It looks like advertising campaigns should be next to the posting widget. No. Does your promotion always contain an advertising key that is written in the Advertising key field? When this is the case, then we must have the promotion near the reservation Widget. Our Alaska lake provides a truly memorable adventure whether you're fishing, exploring a native rainforest, relaxing in warm water sources, canoeing, hiking or picking herbs.

The roads of these five municipalities are not full of automobiles, but they are full of inviting faces and hot places to soak up the tranquil countryside.

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Specialized in the adaptation of air travel, whether from airfield to airfield or from complete isolation. Excursions to bears, air travel, fly-in angling, river or kayak trips, secluded excursions and mountain walks. Take a pack of Creek bears observation, fresh water fish, sightseeing and more! Runs regular air services to small towns outside Juneau, such as Pelican, Angoon, Tenakee and Elfin Cove.

In addition, we provide air travel, cabins departures and charters. Air carrier flying to Southeast Alaska. Regular services, rapid cargo and charters throughout northern southeast Alaska with daily frequencies.


See below for Alaska Floatplane Safari - New flights for 2018 travellers mean the minimal and maximal number of travellers the respective plane will accommodate. ONLY ONE C-206 for cab deliveries and pick-ups makes it possible to fulfil all wishes. PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we had to make a choice to stop the cabins or increase the tariffs:

The following packages are valid until we have decided to stop the levy. You should not schedule a full days excursion for angling without being clear about the local conditions. COUNCILS: Fly in dropoffs and pick-up to the following Forest Service cabins for 2018: $550 per ticket.

I. e. $1100 for fly-in drop-off and pick-up, Upper Paradise, Lower Paradise. Oberrussisch, Juneau, Trout, E. Schwan, W. Schwan, Lost Lake. This fare is valid for one return trip. All our planes have the exclusive right to decide whether to disembark or not. So you can take your place or not.

In case the wheather, i.e. wind, rains, low blankets, prevents us from bringing you out in one ride, you are required to cover an extra one. All lakes with huts on them to which you want to go are very secluded and in the mountain. All I' m wishing is that you could be in our offices when we try to make the choice to come for you.

Working times, decisions, telephone conversations with the FAA committee, etc. can take this time. The number of passengers and equipment is 800-850#, according to the route. We' re not gonna take you out unless you have a satelite. Sensible rental prices are low in comparison to the costs of payment and the additional airfare if you could have phoned us and said we shouldn't come...(If you don't have one, we have one we can let you) Last seasons we asked for two pick-ups because they had satelite phones.

Satellitephones are a "Safety First" point in your itineraries. Depending on the meteorological conditions, all departures are subject to change. Aeroplane passenger capacity and load capacity may not be exceeded by a number of passengers/equipment. This PRICE applies to the Cessna 206 on swimmers with a max of 850 lbs passenger and baggage, less, albeit longer distances due to the necessary gas consumption.

Five hours by air including a picnic area in Big Lake.

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