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Several airlines . so which page to go to. I' d like to take a direct look at the carrier this year. If Expedia or Kayak finds my flights with several carriers, links etc, I would go to the first or all other carriers to verify the rates. Locations such as Expedia can combine flights with all different carriers.

As a rule, air carriers' web sites only offer travel routes with other carriers within their own alliances. I' ve always insisted on going straight through the carriers. Much of the purchase is made by negotiating with the carriers and not with a third one. It is sometimes a good idea to call an air carrier representative for a complex itinerary.

For the most part, if you see a list of several carriers, it just means that two or more carriers working together serve this leg. As they work together, you can probably find this travel plan on any of the airline's web sites. Prices may differ between them, so if you want to directly reserve a multi-carrier ticket, I would review each of the airlines' sites, beginning with the biggest or the longest one.

Be sure to verify both, as sometimes different locations have different routeing choices. Most of the time, when "multiple airlines" or "multiple airlines" are listet in a single locator, it's actually just a single slash. If it is actually an interrupting service (a single ticketing with different airlines), I will first try out the carrier that handles the interrupt service.

I try, however, to try to prevent these interline fares as far as possible if the airline companies are not part of the same airline and/or work in codeshare. When something goes awry, there are a ton of stories of passengers abandoned with potatoes in their hand and none of the participating carriers "owning" the problem and resolving issues with luggage loss, missing links and so on.

Trying to make changes to a multi-carrier ticketing system can also be a no-brainer. There was a recent journey that I made via PL - 3 stages to AA 1 stage to Delta. While I was calling to try to make a modification to the AA route, I was informed that Delta "owned" the AA ticketing and could not modify it - I was calling Delta to modify it, and I was informed that Delta would only make modifications to a Delta plane, but they had none from the terminal I needed!

When you see a multi-carrier airline, make sure they are in an airline or you may encounter similar issues. I was looking at the kayak, but they didn't involve Airtransat at the moment, so they didn't show me the best rate. I' m just looking at the airline web sites themselves, it's not like there are so many who are flying from Vancouver to Europe....

It was created as a charters carrier and not as a 'scheduled airline'. They do not form part of any air carrier alliances and do not exchange codes with regular flights.

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