Knowledge test for Private Hire Taxi

Private Rental Taxi Knowledge Test

Guildford Private Hire example knowledge test questions. Any new taxi driver must pass a theory test before booking and taking the practical driving test. Taxitheorie-Test - Praxis reports There are two parts to the theoretical exam: the multiple-choice test and the danger recognition test. Both sitting at the same table must be successfully completed before a theoretical examination report is awarded. Computer-assisted testing will test your knowledge and comprehension of a range of topics, covering driver training, road traffic regulations, best practices and questions related to the taxi business.

Their knowledge of this information is explored in the first part as a set of multiple-choice question, some of which are case study oriented. Second part of the theoretical exam is the danger awareness part, which will test your capacity to recognize dangers and take the necessary measures.

Exercise sheets focus exclusively on the division of the test into several choices. We have 60 multiple-choice exams, 20 of which are built on four case histories. There are four volumes in the theoretical examination: This exercise allows you to complete one volume at a stretch and then review the responses and results.

From the four possible responses, you will be asked to choose a proper one. We have four case histories in the practical document with five multiple-choice each. Case histories are developed to test your knowledge: knowledge (basic memory of facts); this is done by the creation of a scenarios or sets of situations that you may face in a realistic setting.

Then you will be asked a series of scenarios in which you will have to consider how you would respond or act in each case. It will take longer for some issues to resolve than others, but there are no tricky issues. This exercise was conceived both as a teaching aid and as a test.

By the end of the test you can review your responses and see if you have responded well. They will find out why the right response is given and confirm your knowledge and help promote a better appreciation of why the right response is given. You will be taken to a resource if you have given the wrong response to any of the above queries.

It gives you the chance to read the suggested readings and understand why your choices were wrong and helps you broaden your knowledge of the subject area. It should help you get ready for the theoretical exam for the genuine taxi if you choose to follow a car racing path as a taxi operator.

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