Multi City Flight Booking

The Multi-City Flight Booking

Multi-City Flight is an advanced flight ticket that allows you to travel around the world with multiple stopovers: you significantly increase the value of your trip by booking additional stop-overs in multiple cities! The Flight & service awards - Flight reward finder. The flight operation was partially resumed to/from Osaka. If your trip takes you through two or more cities before returning to your departure city, select the "Multiple destinations" check box on the Make a booking page.

May I book more than one flight in each log-in session?

multicity flights

Now, with Peach's global and national networks, you can get to the places you want to visit with ease! Here is just one example of the innumerable opportunities on Peach: Okinawa Holiday Resorts in Japan and Asia offer you the opportunity to spend your Okinawa Holiday in another city! Okinawan is one of the main Peach airport - with good connections to other Japanese and foreign cities.

So why not make the most of your valuable holiday by combining Okinawa with another city in Japan or Asia? Do you know that the flight from Okinawa to Taipei only takes about 90min? There is no need to be concerned if poor visibility causes a flight cancel! In the case of a multi-segment booking, you can rebook for a later Peach flight or choose a reimbursement for the canceled flight(s).

Travelling tip: How you can reduce costs on multi-city flights

If you want to make an on-line booking: a sign of caution. In particular, this applies if you are booking a multi-city tour and not just a single roundtrip flight. When you click on the Multi-City Flight buttons on the airline's website, you are not counting on the website offering you the lowest available fares for each route.

Carriers have now set up reservations in such a way that you receive a significantly higher rate for the entire trip. If you fly from City A to City B, then City C and back to City A, make sure you use these rates as your own tariff. You will notice a significant discrepancy in the overall cost - in some cases it is about a third of the overall routes with several cities.

Further information about booking a flight can be found here:

Booking your flight

Request your trip details, modify flight details, your own details, seating ..... You can book a one-way flight from Saint-Denis to Paris CDG and a one-way flight back, Lyon Part Dieu to Saint-Denis or Saint-Pierre. Select your class: click on "RESERVE" to start the search for prices and availability. Select your class of travel:

Then click on "RESERVE" to start the search for prices and availability.

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