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Make an online booking and enjoy a free SIM card. Find out how you can earn miles on flights with airline partners. Join us for the latest Jet Airways news in bite-sized tweets. Booking your flight ticket with one of the best international airlines in India. Discount applies only to flights marketed and operated by Jet Airways.

Support facility

When booking your ticket, you can make a reservation for a chair with your carrier or you can call and ask the carriers. It is an extra feature of Terminal 2 and goes beyond the free of charge support for wheelchairs provided by carriers when booking a ticket.

Mussels are also provided for those travelling with specific needs. In order to help handicapped people, specially designed help telephones with information in the braille were installed at the airports.

With our unique assortment of premium card products we offer an extraordinary rewards scheme in the shape of JP Miles for each issue.

With our unique assortment of premium brand products we offer an extraordinary rewards scheme in the shape of JP Miles for each issue. It' the ideal map for those who fly a lot, as you are awarded numerous advantages and functions. Clients are registered at the "Blue" level of the Jet Privilege program. For booking please contact our convcierge.

Are you a regular globe-trotter, we have the best deals for you to get more savings, effortless flying and a smooth travelling adventure. For our privileged clients, we provide a Priority Pass programme that gives our clients worldwide entry to over 600 different locations. Together with the Priority Pass programme, we have developed a uniquely designed Tour Assistance programme to make your travels relaxed and pleasant.

With our Trip Plus programme you can benefit from discounts on the use of your lounges outside India. Our cardholder is covered under the following policy programme in conjunction with ICICI Lombard General insurance Company Ltd: Click here for General Business Policy. Simply tell our convcierge and we'll get all the information for you - about the meteorology, transportation, touristic destinations, child-friendly fun centers and important sights of your city.

Our flight planner can make all flight preparations according to your timetable, whether you are flying within Germany or abroad. Whether it's crime to play football or volleyball, from ball games to baseballs, we'll organise all your events so you don't miss a match! In this sense, we offer you an efficient Auto-Assist programme that is prepared to cope with any challenge you may have on the street.

When you are stuck on the street due to a shortage of gas, Auto Assist delivers up to five liters of gas to your site so you can get to the next gas station quickly and conveniently. When you are faced with tire problems, call Auto Assist and we will organize a technician for the repairs or replacement of your poor tire.

Auto Assist supports you in the unlikely case of an incident or incident by co-ordinating important tasks such as transmitting messages, organizing urgent health care and vehicle recovery. Auto-Assist in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Calcutta. The general business partners of the respective policies can be found here.

When you are concerned about the misuse of your Prepaid Identity Cards, our Personal Protect policy is for you. With this unique programme you are covered for an amount equal to the maximum amount of your debit and debit cards. Unauthorized transaction in case of lost / stolen card: Obtain up to 48 hrs of coverage before you report the lost of your map.

When your credit or debit data is misappropriated or fraudulently used to make fake credit or debit cards, we provide security to help keep you safe. The general business partners of the respective policies can be found here. Receive free individual aircraft crash coverage up to 25 RhL.

New Reward Points for your Jet Airways ticket are valid from April 1, 2016.

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