Is Sri Lanka Cheap

Sri Lanka cheap?

The sharp rise in inflation in recent years means that Sri Lanka is no longer the bargain it once was, although prices remain comparable to other places in the south and west. Here Sri Lanka is really much cheaper than any other country I have visited, the transport costs are almost zero! What does it cost to travel to Sri Lanka? Ultimate cost guide for travel in Sri Lanka. The daily cost of living is low, but tourist attractions can be expensive.

Actual travel costs in Sri Lanka

It is a truly beautiful land near India with kind locals, vast jungle, tonnes of interesting wild animals and vast sands. Just stayed there for three week and found it a viable budgetary goal, with cheap transport, sensible meals and roomprices.

Sri Lanka, like most places, has a backpacking home base, or you can go and invest a small amount of money. One of the greatest kicks was the prize for things like a safari and entry to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, exploring Sri Lanka became more costly at around 40 to 50 US dollars per pass.

Skip these activites, however, would have means missed an important explanation why Sri Lanka is such a beautiful place to be. Surprisingly, I've previously lived about 8 month in Southeast Asia, an average of about $30/day, and done things as inexpensively as possible.

I know now, and I'm just not ready to make things so cheap these days. It'?s not like that. However, Sri Lanka can be run with more than US$30 per person per night on those dates where you do not need to spend money on costly activity. Meals, transportation and accomodation are relatively cheap. Shelter: Accommodation: In Sri Lanka I didn't come across any dormitories.

Sarajevo is not so much a packer backpacking country, so the choices are simply not as rich as in Thailand, where a $5 room is easily found. Usually I would spend about $10-$15 per room per day, but some evenings spend a much larger amount of time staying in a beautiful place.

In the more touristic cities like Galle, cheap accommodations were more easily found than in the less frequented places like Dambulla. Many different pricing possibilities are available for transportation. It is not uncommon in Sri Lanka to rent a vehicle and a chauffeur, which normally costs about 50 dollars a night.

Drivers tend to stay in the vehicle, or your preferred place has accommodations for the drivers. Otherwise, buses are a very cheap low -cost alternative for just a few bucks for a 6-hour drive, although they are usually packaged up to stands. In Sri Lanka the meal is tasty, but unfortunately the lunch is often a sideboard that has been left out for a while.

Traditional dinners lasted about $3-5, although it is customary for a chauffeur or travel agent to take you to much more pricey restaurants that cost about $20. Beatiful and cheap at around $2-$3 for a big flask. Inexpensive vs. dear places in Sri Lanka: The Dambulla was the most costly just because Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya Rock levied a rather laughable entrance charge of about 40 dollars each for a visiting foreigner.

Galle, Ella and Kandy were less expensive as they had more accommodations and were more easily accessible. In addition, most of the activity here is the visit of teaplantations or walks, both of which are cheap or free. In fact, I found that the between $20 and $60 accommodations were no better than the rooms that were more expensive than $10-$15.

It really didn't seem like there was much point in spending over $10 on a room in Sri Lanka unless you were staying in a luxurious overnight stay or flat for more than $90+. Sri Lanka cheap and beautiful subscriptions are available when they run for about $10 for 3 gig 3G (on the Hutch networking that worked very well and can be bought at Colombo airport).

Overall, Sri Lanka can be a cheap place to go, but the costs of activity can really push up the prices.

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