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Maxi Taxi Silver

home page At Silver Maxi Taxi, we have a powerful business management style that guides all of Sydney: clients are handled with the utmost politeness and the highest standard to ensure they have a pleasant and unobtrusive itinerary. There is much more to our services than just a taxi hire that is available around the clock. Our taxis provide a first rate standard of services and you can make the best possible taxi reservations.

With our taxi service you can easily cover these small kilometres and experience the beautiful town. Specially developed for this specific use, our cabs are powerful and secure so that our clients can fully experience their journey in Sydney. Taxi's are of high salvage value, tidy and tidy, and mechanical they are always in perfect working order, so clients traveling in Sydney have no problems.

Our offer is for all group transfer without the hassle or hassle of being on schedule for all your trips. The Silver Maxi Taxi Cabs are available for 24 hour reservations, 7 working day a week. 24/7. Our Silver Maxi Taxi's are guaranteed to reach you on schedule if your reservation is made 3 hrs before your pick-up.

10 percent discount on your immediate reservation and 24 hrs before the reservation. Do you want Silver Maxi Taxi? Rent your Silver Maxi Taxi Sydney with our Android App. Or you can use our easy to use online reservation form to make a reservation for your Silver Maxi Taxi, or call/mail your travel/flight information, and our staff will get back to you and collect you locally.

Silverservice Taxi Cabs @ 13CABS

Let's work with 13CABS Silver Services. With a cabin price plus $11 extra, this luxurious option is the better choice: Now call to sign up for 13CABS Silver Services on 133 100, make your booking with your free 13CABS my-account, or simply get the 13CABS app on your mobile now.

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