I want to Fly in a Fighter Jet

I' d like to fly in a fighter plane.

Experience the art of aerial combat from one of our highly qualified SCA fighter pilots. If I want to become a Fighter Jet Fighter in the US Army, what industry should I look into? Following is an Epic Brief from Bob Norris, a former Navy Airman who also completed a 3 year trip with the F-15 Eagle. Today he is an experienced writer of enjoyable US Marine novels, among them "Check Six" and "Fly-Off". Bob responded with the following words in reply to a note from an ambitious fighter pilots in which the Army College was to participate:

Being a fighter jet driver is an amazing aim and a good way to service your state. "USAF snapshot: Your workout routines are fantastic. We prepare all our drivers for high demands on know-how and professionality. Your recruitment staff is the smartest and best educated. Wherever you go, you know what's waiting for you, what's expecting of you, and you get the education and resources you need to do it.

I mean, your mother would want you to be an air force pilots... just like your aunt. You know, your father would want your little girl to get married. The Navy snapshot: Flyers belong to the navy, but also black shoes (surface war) and bladder head (submarines). In addition, the Navy is divided into two clearly distinct navies (west and east coasts).

Marines are straight and microscopic in size. Sr Navy soldiers are salts of the world; you'll be proud if you deserve their respects. Juvenile recruits range from grandiose to the disturbed child the magistrate allowed to join the team. Your workout will be of varying and sometimes overwhelming caliber.

You' ll fly with Navy legend and they'll bust your arse until you become a deadly power. Hot prettiest of girls in the place wants to see the Naval Aviator. P.S.S. And oh yes, the army pilots programme, don't even think about it unless you have a couple larger than a basketball.

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