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Our efficiency and sales volume enable us to be profitable and work with smaller margins at the same time. This, in turn, enables us to stock aircraft at higher prices. We offer used aircraft ranging from single- and twin-engine pistons to turboprops and light aircraft. Being experts in aircraft sales, we know what is important for a high-quality used aircraft and where to find it. Allow us to serve you and your aircraft.

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We offer used aircraft ranging from mono- and twin-engine pistons to turbo-props and lightweight aircraft. Each aircraft is taken into the shops, but we keep only the best in our stock. Prior to bringing an aircraft to sale for re-sale, it is thoroughly inspected by our Service Center engineers.

Possible errors will be corrected or the aircraft will be refused. The sale of an aircraft can be a laborious procedure full of documents financially, legally and FAA. Most of our customers do not have the amount of experience or knowledge to sell their aircraft at a competitive price, so we are always ready to help. Our services include advertisement, promotion, marketing, prequalification of prospective purchasers, negotiation and all final work requested by the buyer's banks, the seller's banks, the FAA, insurers, tax offices and lead entities.

When you are considering reselling your aircraft, call us today to find out how we can make it as fast and profitably for you as possible. Buyer Agent Whether this is your first or your next aircraft, buying an aircraft can be a formidable job. Our expertise in aircraft sale means that we know what matters when it comes to a high-quality used aircraft and where to find it.

Additionally to all our publicly and privately listed aircraft service, we have direct contact to privately owned aircraft dealers. Our central point of contact for the search for prospective aircraft, the procurement of finance, the performance of a pre-sales check, insurances, FAA papers, FAA carriers and distribution pilot and even aircraft administration. In today's networked environment, the aircraft market has become truly multinational.

Aircraft have been shipped to many different destinations in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia. No matter whether you buy or sell, let us open the whole globe to you.

The US company Piper Aircraft will be selling 152 aircraft to the China Airshow.

The Piper Aircraft archery helicopter often used to educate new flyers. US aircraft manufacturer Piper Aircraft said Wednesday that it will be selling more than 150 instructor aircraft to China's Sichuan Fan-Mei Aircraft Technologies, which is conducting a continental piloting programme. The Piper Aircraft, which manufactures small general purpose aircraft and is headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, will be selling 152 aircraft over a seven-year period, with a volume of $75 million.

These include the sale of 100 Archer TX single-engine aircraft used to educate new drivers. Piper plans to supply 20 aircraft for the coming year, with the first shipment beginning in March to the Fan Mei Flying Training Center in Sichuan Provincial. "Among the things I have looked at and observed all the time is the worldwide lack of new pilots," said Caldecott.

Referring to Boeing's forecasts that the Asia-Pacific market will ultimately drive the worldwide market for aircraft pilots, he said that the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, would be the world's first to fly in this area. In its 2017 flight forecast, Boeing said the Asia-Pacific market will need 253,000 new aircraft by 2036 - about 40 per cent of the world' s population. Meanwhile, a requirement of about 117,000 aircraft is expected for North America and 106,000 for Europe.

Boeing said that the aircraft manufacturing sector would have to hire more than 2 million new professional aircraft operators, service engineers and aircraft operators. "So, there's a big need, especially in Asia, for new pilots," Caldecott said. "Most of them (pilots) have in the past either studied in the USA, Australia or South Africa.

However, when developing nations like China, they want to do more training on their own. Li added that there were intentions to order between 40 and 60 more Piper aircraft for short-haul shuttles and private use in the next two to three years - this estimation could also rise "as we work the market," Li said.

Li's aircraft types - the Piper M-Class and Seneca - are currently waiting for certifications in China. Fan-Mei did not get any state aid for the acquisition as the enterprise is private, said Li. The Sichaun Fan-Mei Aircraft Technologies is a Sichuan Fan-Mei Training Group affiliate offering training in air travel to approximately 40,000 Chinese college graduates.

These include the education of cabin crew, aircraft technicians, air traffic control and safety. Previously, Fan-Mei was buying trainer planes from firms like Robinson Helicopters and Bell Helicopter, while Piper is the only firm from which she buys planes, Li said. It added that the airline was talking to other airlines to buy different aircraft models in order to invest further in pilots' schooling.

Our aim is to become a full-service supplier for the general Aviation industry," he said.

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