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What is the cost of a taxi from Moncton, NB, Canada to Average Canada Rate, Canada? Moncton Airport (YQM) taxi fares to downtown are what? How much does a taxi cost from Moncton Airport to downtown? Taxi, airport shuttles, limousines, car rental and buses are available from YQM. Where can I find out more about flight connections and fares to and from YQM?

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On this page your cabin price will be calculated based on the Canadian taxi averages. First, type your trip information into the boxes below the card. The results are all estimated and may differ based on outside conditions such as transport and weathers. Her last ticket price estimation had a mistake. Ask the taxi company for details.

You can find more detailed estimations in the pocket calculations or at the taxi company. What does a taxi charge? In order to see the route description, look for the ticket price over the above boxes.

Travelling Tips / FAQs - Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport

Which transport facilities are available at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM)? Taxi, shuttle service, limo, rent a vehicle and buses are available from YQM. Visit our Transport section for a full listing of our floor transport capabilities. What is the price of using the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM)?

There a shuttlecraft to Moncton's city? There'?s no shuttles to Moncton city centre. See our Transport section for a listing of land transport services available at YQM. How can I find information about ID requests, carry-on baggage and other safety concerns? Please go to the Canada Air Transport Safety Authority's or your nearest airline office for all hand baggage and airport safety information.

It is also possible to turn to your carrier. Visit our Airlines section for details. What time should I get to the hotel before a plane leaves? Discrepancy in check-in time varies by carrier. Directly ask your carrier to verify when you should be arriving at the destination. Where can I find out more about flights and fares to and from YQM?

At YQM we provide services to more than 20 locations with a range of carrier carriers. Please consult your nearest YQM office or carrier directly for information on route and fares for all YQM services. What carriers operate YQM? There are a number of carriers offering scheduled and seasonally operated YQM services, such as Air Canada, WestJet, Porter, Sunwing and Air Transat.

Your nearest tourist office or the airlines can be contacted directly. Visit our Airlines section for details of how to get in touch with us. For a complete listing of our Board and Executive Managers, please refer to the About Us section. If you have forgotten anything in the terminals, please call our office at (506) 856-5422 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Atlantic time).

Found objects can be taken to the information desk or to security at the airports behind the information desk. Please direct all objects that remain on a plane to the carrier. You can find the phone numbers of the airlines under Airlines at YQM. Wi-Fi free Wi-Fi is available throughout our entire area.

YQM does not provide locker or overhead locker for safety purposes. Your carrier is responsible for your loss of checked bags. Please contact the Airports Authority at (506) 856-5444 between 8:30 and 16:30 (Atlantic time) for bookings or further information. Where can I find information about a hotel near the city?

The Moncton city tourist website is a good source for a list of nearby tourist resorts. Is there a duty-free shop at the airports? Relais is the toll -free newsstand of the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM) during the November to May wintershares. Could you give me some information about the "airport tax"?

All air fares for travellers leaving from Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International airport (YQM) are subject to an airport-improvement and conversion (AIR) charge. How do I purchase Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport-related articles? Not able to meet the large number of YQM brand advertising and postcard enquiries we get every weekend.

When you are looking for airlinespecific articles, please directly address yourself to the carrier. Are the airports open 24-7? It is open and open 24 h a days. The safety staff is always obliged to give instructions if necessary. While 24-hour service is provided, please be aware that facilities such as retailing, restaurants, car hire and air ticketing are not necessarily open.

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