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iBook had three different styles during its life. First known as the Clamshell, it was based on the Apple iMac line, which was loved at the forefront. Only two years later, the second wave gave up the initial shape in favour of a traditional square one. The third version with a power PC G4 device, as well as 2.0 bus and a bracket loaded disk was presented in October 2003.

In May 2006, Apple changed the iBook line from Apple to Intel to MacBook during the migration. DeveloperApple Computer, Inc. At the end of the 1990', Apple trimmed its line from the confusing diversity of overlapping Performa, Quadra, LC, Power Macintosh and PowerBook styles to a simplistic "four-box" strategy: desktops and mobile computing, in both home and pros.

When iMac was launched, it was the consumers desk top, the Blue and White G3 populated the pro desk top and the PowerBook line acted as the pro line. As a result, only the consumer's wearable room was emptied, which led to many rumors on the web about possible design and functionality. Steve Jobs presented the iBook G3 on 21 June 1999 during the Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City's Macworld Conference & Expo show.

The iBook G3, like the iMac, has a PowerPC G3 processor and no older Apple I/O. Leaving the port open on the leftside was considered breakable and superfluous, as a coverage with the iBook's new interface, which did not have the bare pin of previous plugs, was considered that. Extra electrical connections on the underside enabled charging of several iBook Go3s to a special cradle.

iBook G3 was the first Mac to deploy Apple's new Unified Logic Board Architecture, which combines all of the machine's key functions into two devices with AGP and Ultra-DMA capabilities. iBook was the first computer on the market to be developed and marketed with an embedded network. Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of Marketing, gave an iBook for the launch of the iBook as he jumped from one level as files were moved from one computer to another to show off Apple's ability to network wirelessly.

At the same date, Apple launched the AirPort Wireless Base Station. The iBook was bigger and more powerful than the PowerBook to ensure adequate crash resistance, but still had lower specs. Due to its unique style the iBook received the award "Barbie's Toilettensitz". Yet the same iBook G3 look made it unique in films and TV shows.

iBook was a huge business hit. In May 2001, the new " Blue Twin" iBooks. exclusiv " got its new name. The Clamshell iBook was the more dependable choice in comparison to subsequent notebooks with iBook and PowerBook. iBook is on display at the London Museum of Art and the Yale University Art Gallery.

Traces of designs first implemented in the iBook G3 can still be seen today: move interfaces from the back down to the sides and leave them open, omit a lock for the computer cover, and offer several colour choices. Mac OS 8 ships with all iBooks. Note: All iBooks support Mac OS 10. 0 to 10.3.9.

On May 1, 2001, Apple unveiled the next-generation iBook G3 at a media briefing in Cupertino, California. So far the strong colours and the cumbersome shape factors have been given up as well as the grip, the latchless styling and extra electrical connections on the underside. As the resulting iBook was only available in pure red, the name "snow" and the translucent Polycarbonat in the case were used.

They were 30% less heavy and took up less than half the space of the original which was smaller in all three dimension. Claiming that the sleek styling didn't compromise on longevity, Apple said it was "twice as durable" as its predecessor. Apple began this overhaul by switching to transparent and transparent plastic housings in most of its popular line of consumers, including the iMac and eMac.

Towards the end of the series, the Snow iBook G3 case became non-transparent and whitish instead of transparent whites and mages. On October 23, 2003, Apple added a CoolPC G4 to its iBook line of products, ending Apple's use of the CoolPC G3 for good. There is an optional slot-loading optic disk mechanism to replace the disk compartment.

iBook G4 also comes with an opal clear case, keypad and hinged case. It' also the last iBook notebook to be published before MacBooks superseded the iBook line in 2006. Leopard 8 The iBook keypad rises, enabling you to install the AirPort (wireless) smartphone and extra storage.

That gives the keypad a "spongy" effect, especially on power PC G3 model with the translated keypad. Spongeiness " has been fixed on the power PC G4 series. iBook G4's storage is shrouded with a detachable airport map and can be accessed by simply taking off the random access disk with a Phillips#00 srewdriver. Whereas some of the previous versions (e.g. 800 and 933 MHz) have a default 640 GB amount of random access memory, it is possible to have a 1. 12 GB amount of random access memory in place (128 GB built-in, plus 1 GB SO-DIMM), or 1. 25 or 1. 5 GB in the later versions with 256 or 512 GB amount of random access RAM brazed to the logical chip.

One copy of Marble Blast Gold was pre-installed on a specific release of the iBook G4 as a promotional copy of the pack. The Danish Consumer Boards released a detailed third-party report[17][18] on the problem with the Apple iBook G4 Logikboard on May 2, 2007. And Apple wants to be one step ahead again - MAC.

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