Round the Ticket

Around the ticket

( You don't have to look - there's no such thing.). The SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets allow you to travel from a. Round the world tickets usually cost far less than the sum of the one-way tickets between the individual stations. After months of dreaming and saving, you are finally ready to take the plunge and book your world ticket.

Integrate Easter Island into a worldwide ticket - Easter Island Forum

It'?s fun, once you have decided to go "around the world"... you realise how big the whole universe is.... We are currently planning to travel Chicago, Guayaquil, Lima, Santiago, Easter Island, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mauritius, London, Aman, Cairo, Paris, Helsinki and back to Chicago....6 Continental Islands. Traveling Europe by air and road, we will try to get to Barcelona, Rome, Athens in the South and Normandy, Paris, Croatia, Vienna, Pargue and then Scandinavia and St. Petersberg.

Despite all this we do without Dubai, Rio and Iceland, because I couldn't manage it with the One World Desk...only 4 stations per continuance (although we could do the Visit Passes). I' m worried that we might get bogged down on the itinerary ( there are 4 of us on the way - two points worth paying and two points of advantage...).

Traveling a lot, we have never made a single trip longer than perhaps 21 nights........

The Star Alliance increases rates around the globe

A stroll around the globe with only two stops is now possible, says the Allianz, and with almost endless possibilities. It is now possible to travel around the globe with Star Alliance fare plans that only stop at two locations around the globe for at least 24h. Previously, all "RTW" ticket holders had to make at least three stops.

Changing the number to two will increase the number of routes available with Star Alliance member ticketing. "By making it possible to go around the globe with just two stops, we are making the Star Alliance Round the Word fares more attractive," says Janice Antonson, Allianz VP of Advertising and Communication.

Star Alliance Book & Fly can be used in English, Dutch and Portuguese so clients can schedule their trip wherever they are, at any hour of the morning. Allianz states that its RTW tariffs'generally offer an ''attractive price/quality ratio'', especially in comparison to single one-way ticket on different carriers on the same route.

A ticket's overall cost depends on the ticket category, the exact route, the number of kilometres and route chosen, and changes in foreign currencies. The trip must start and end in the same county and go in one way, either eastwards or westwards, although the ticket "allows some zigzag traffic within a continent," says Star Alliance.

Clients can also choose a thematic RTW trip such as World Food, Architecture Hotspots, Nature Trail, Acquatic Woods and Romance Route. Intermediate calls of at least 24 h must be made - now in at least two towns - and the entire route can cover up to 15 stations.

Star Alliance RTW fare is available for First, Business, Premier Economics and Business Classic for 12 month periods. Over half of RTW travelers are flying BusiClass, says Allianz.

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