Private Jets under 1 million

Personal jets under 1 million

The Learjet 60 is a very popular charter jet that can be bought for only 2 million dollars. The top 5 luxury jets under 5 million US dollars A lot of dreamers own a private airplane, but only a few are able to realize this one. But if you are one of the few, private jets are probably an ordinary matter. However, calls from agencies to verify the availabilty of private aircraft charters and to book a charters aircraft can be time-consuming and even inconvenient if you are a Frequent Flier.

This is when the purchase of a private plane is an excellent way out. You can buy a number of private jets without having to breach the banc. This article lists five such jets. The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a single-engine, single-engine, seven-seater, very lightweight airplane produced by Cirruscraft.

Driven by a Williams FJ33 powerplant, the plane can reach a cruising limit of 345mphs. Vision SF50 has a max outreach of 1,100 mile. For the construction of the jets, Cirrus uses composites as the fabric offers improved blend efficiencies, improved rust performance, improved styling versatility and longer life.

In addition, the aircraft has a chute with ballistic rescue systems, a unique characteristic in a private aircraft. Zirrus Aircraft accepts Vision SF50 reservations for $1.96 million. The Stratos 714, developed and manufactured by Stratos Aircraft, is a 4-6-seater aircraft that belongs to the very lightweight family.

Propelled by a Williams FJ44-3AP, the plane can travel at a top velocity of 477ph. The Stratos 714 can travel 1,975 sea-mile in one mine. Stratos 714 cell is mainly made of CFRP, which has a high strength-to-weight relationship, excellent air dynamics and insignificant problems of tiredness or anticorrosion.

Stratos 714 planes can be booked for $2.5 million. The Citation Mustang is the flag ship of our fleet, a very lightweight private plane of the Cessna Aviation Company. Aeroplane can take 4 persons together with one aviator. Driven by some Pratt & Whitney P615F power plants, the Citation Mustang can reach a cruising range of 391 km/h. The Citation Mustang can be driven by a number of Pratt & Whitney P615Fs.

It has a max cruising distance of 1,167 sea mile, which is perfect for a Businessgrade jetliner. In addition, the aeroplane has a low-wing, self-supporting single-floor construction with retractable three-wheel undercarriage. So you can buy yours for UD$3.35 million. The Phenom 100 is a very lightweight airplane produced by the Embraer family.

This aircraft seats 4 persons in standard configurations and up to 7 with a sole manning. Two PW617-F tail power units from Pratt & Whitney power the aircraft, which can reach a cruising range of 448 km/h. The aircraft is equipped with a high performance engine. Phenom 100 can reach a flight distance of 1,178 sea-mile.

They can order the plane for $4.1 million. HA-420 HondaJet, the first airplane designed by Honda Motor Company, is a low-wing airplane. It has a superfluous power-plant suspension that maximizes cab room to provide lower surge impedance even at high speeds. Propelled by two pylon-mounted HF-120 GE Honda Aero power plants, it achieves a cruising maximum of 424 km/h.

It has a max cruising distance of 1,206 mph. In addition, the airplane has a retractable three-wheel chassis with bow chassis and one-wheel primary chassis. Honda HA-420 HondaJet is available for US$4.5 million. Some of the cheap luxuries you can pick up are these planes.

Not only does the purchase of one of these airplanes save you the hassle of booking private charters, it also ensures you get there in style wherever you go. Helping our clients purchase private airplanes by facilitating the entire purchase procedure. Based in Dallas, TX, we are a one-stop target for private aviation, as well as retail and acquisitionservices.

We offer comprehensive advice in the field of private jets charters, and we also specialise in the procurement and modernisation of aeroplanes.

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