Last Minut Fly

Last-minute flight

Are you afraid of flying? This last-minute flight attendant will help you survive your next flight with fear of flight tips! Last 5 minutes Afraid of flight hints and gimmicks

Did you hear the saying, "An inactive spirit is the devil's playground"? It is during these idling periods that we begin to perceive all the "frightening noises and sensations". When I began working as a cabin crew years ago, my apprehension of air travel had disappeared to such an extent that I could fly quite comfortable.

There were always strange times when I got a little jumpy on a plane, that was almost always when I had done all the things I had to do and was inactive. When it was ready for the next food in the kitchen, I realized that this fear would vanish.

Every now and then this occurred like pressing a magical button - my fear would vanish alltogether. I didn't have enough free space to be scared. My mental occupation with myself was helping to divert my fear, which in turn was helping me to unwind. But the only different is that as a traveller you have to be active to stay occupied.

What possibilities are there, then, to engage in aviation? I try to choose the kind of work that is fun and demanding, so I really get into it and even lose track of where I am. Take advantage of any action that keeps your spirit alive; the most important thing is to get inventive!

Make sure it's just an action that doesn't cause more fear. Below are a few samples of "work" you could do on your next flight: Now is the moment to enjoy culpable delights like binge-watching real-life TV shows, films and even tabloids you can't normally buy. Letting yourself immerse in the drama of other people's life is a good way to free yourself from anxious thoughts and briefly let go of the plane.

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