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XOJET's latest tweets (@XOJET). A private airline, XOJET, Inc. owns and operates a chartered fleet of mid-size jets. The XOJET, Inc. owns and operates a fleet of private jets.

It offers private jets, charter flights and individual charter services. The XOJET is a private airline that provides commercial flight services to customers in the United States.

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Headquartered in Brisbane, California, XOJET is an on-demand residential jet charters firm with a 24/7 operational facility at McClellan Airfield near Sacramento, California and distribution centers in New York City, New York, New York, Newport, California and Palm Beach, Florida. The XOJET provides retail jet subscribers entry through on-demand ad-hoc charters or subscription programmes, as well as a fixed-price subscription programme that is an alternate to jet cards and fractions of property in the same markets as NetJets and FlexJet rivals.

XOJet can join Uber and Airbnb in the Sharing Economy". XOJet is celebrating its tenth jubilee with record growth". www.sherpareport.com.


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Employer Reviews for XOJET

Salaries, however, senior managers know this and are trying to tackle it. The content must be high enough to draw the best skilled pilot. It is based on placing the human being at the centre and doing things the right way. Do you need more floor area when the business has expanded? A great organization that appreciates its staff. Marvellous staff, a lot of attentiveness and commitment of the managers.

A good service offering and possibilities to grow/move within the organisation as well as relatively high rates per hour with many extra advantages, from free lunch and refreshments to business rebates at affiliates. Plenty of time in front of a computer. XOJet with NetJets and Flex will be compensatory, if not better, with a few more QOL-upgrades.

At XOJET, we are a very energetic, dynamic, fast and dedicated group. Our management plays an active role in "everyday life" and attaches great importance to the well-being of the Group and its people. The XOJET has built a strong corporate culture and the beneficial effect that leaders have in building a lean organisation lets people know that they are listened to and valued.

XOJET, like many others, means that the members of the XOJET project are not under one umbrella. Although I realize that this cannot be changed and I think the business is doing a good job by hiring across the board staff, I would like to see more organised meetings that connect them.

The Chief Pilot Office is great and always ready to help with doubt or question. Payment could be better, but our senior managers and our pilot roundtable have worked really hard to tackle this and the trend is rising. Humans make XOJET the great place it is.

Corporate governance aims to do the right thing with scarce natural resource. I' d totally... I' d highly suggest a boyfriend work at XOJET on a short-term basis. The things tended to move a little slowly, and the older drivers went fast. Past top managerial assertions can sometimes contradict actual commercial practice, which confuses staff about the way the organization operates.

Stay the good guys who make XOJET stand out. Leading world-class leadership teams, definitely a good collaboration between air operations / executive managers and pilot.

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