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Check out uberMOTO - Your Uber on 2 Bikes | Hyderabad | now at only $25. ├╝berMOTO offers the rider an accessible and comfortable motorbike tour at the touch of a small key through the UberEngine. Drivers get rider and bike detail as with other over trips, as well as all the usual security functions before, during and after the journey, plus GPS tracker, two-way feed-back and the option to split journey detail with your loved ones.

Choose uberMOTO in the application, specify the pick-up place and your preferred mode of transport and ask for a tour; get your full name, picture and motorcycle detail. uberMOTO cyclists have a riding safety hat for the cyclist, and all cyclists must have a safety hat according to the laws. Make your final payments at the end of your journey with your bank transfer, credit/debit cards or your portable pallet and get an online confirmation via the Uber-App.

Cabmen are trying to take Uber down.

They may not have realized it if you don't have a lot of taxis, but there's a fight on the roads of US towns, and it gets increasingly ugly. Taxi-associations in towns like Boston, Denver, New York and San Francisco are not happy about the abrupt burst of Ubers' popularity, which has been deployed in 67 towns in North America and 36 nations around the globe since its launch in 2009.

The UberX function allows users to apply for a trip with an application on their mobile phones and has recently launched the lower cost UberX function, which uses taxis and private automobiles instead of more fancy one. Both Lyft and Sidecar are two other rivals using a similar UberX as well. This, in turn, has led to the prices of medals skyrocketing in towns like Boston because of the limited number of riders.

Though over a back office examination of their taxi riders is required, they do not undergo the same comprehensive examination or car service by the law as normal taxi riders. As a result, there have been some disturbing events, most recently on Monday when an over-driver was apprehended in California for the alleged abduction of a drunken female.

A further incidence of indignation against Uber happened in January in San Francisco when a Uber rider met and murdered a 6-year-old woman on a zebra crossing. They deny that they are responsible because there were no people in the vehicle and the chauffeur has not picked up or set anyone down yet.

Its most recent was today, when Colorado became the first state to successfully enact a bill that regulates the auto manufacturing sector by imposing backgrounds, car inspection, and compulsory driver coverage once they log into the application. The most controversial battle is taking place in Boston, where the Boston Taxi Driver Association (BTDA) fought to get Uber out of the town.

A fortnight ago, this battle culminated in the BTDA organizing a "Rolling Rally" in front of Uber's Boston inner office, where taxi riders from all over the Boston capital surrounded the bloc and honked their horns continually for an entire hours. Donna Blythe-Shaw, a BTDA spokeswoman, said part of the story is that Boston's taxi manufacturing sector has stayed fairly unchanged since it was founded in the 1930s.

However, despite the absence of worry, more and more towns are entering the battle. London's cabs are pressing for Uber's settlement. Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles on Thursday sent cease-and-desist letters to Uber and Lyft saying they were in breach of state law. Uber remains active in Virginia despite the ban attempts.

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission has also ordered Lyft to cease operations in Albuquerque. Whether Uber will be able to stay in any city or whether the taxi drivers' joint force will expel them still has to be seen.

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