Pco Licence Form

License form Pco

What exactly is included in the PCO license application? Download a copy of this application package. Online application applying for your private rental license online. City parking symbol, Track My Online Application Check, how your application proceeds. Send a request for your license application.

What is the best way to become a taxi and/or privatriver?

In order to qualify as a taxi and/or personal chauffeur, you must accept or submit the following form and documentation to the RTLC office: When applying for a ride in a taxi and/or privately owned vehicle, you must also take the knowledge test - see'Knowledge test' in the navigation bar on the right for more information.

Participation in Ply for Hire Taxi and Hire Cars driver support courses is mandatory for all recently registered Ply for Hire taxi and Hire Cars operators. ATTENTION, if you plan to rent a personal rental vehicle for wedding, funeral and celebration purposes only, you may request a limited PPV driver's license and do not need to take a knowledge test.

Driving licence Hackney Carriage/Private Hire

License is needed before a passenger can operate a cab or privately rented car. The Rhondda Cynon Taf Licensing Authority does not grant additional licences for IP drives, we only grant one licence. You can find out more about driving licence prerequisites by using the on-line registration form below (full driving terms can be found here).

As soon as you have finished your request for a new license or an extension, you will need to make an appointment for visiting our office. This form allows you to choose the desired date and the desired hour after you have filled in all the necessary information. Necessary fee: You must also present us with a recent doctor's report before you can obtain a license:

When you are a new requester, we will make a copy of the health form available to you when you are visiting our office. When you need a current doctor, you should have the form sent to you by mail as part of your memo. You can also printout the form Medizinischer Fragebogen.

Fill in the form and you will be able to await the return of the required tests. Please note that if you choose to cancel your request or refuse a license for any reason, your GP will not be refunded the fees you pay. It' entirely up to you to choose at which point during the recruitment procedure you have the Doctor.

Your request may be directed to the Council Licensing Committee for consideration. For further information on the above, please contact your licensing representative. Give a good idea and any suggestion you think is necessary to help us make this site better.

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