Yellow Taxi fare

Gelber Taxi Tariff

This rate is also available in the following hotels: Gelber Taxi-Tariff from Manhattan to JFK - New York City Forum Hello Scottie, we have the JFK -> JFK back journey via 54th St - last weekend - fare was USD$55 + Cent - we brought it down to USD$60. Make the way back tomorrows - asked by the 1. rider if we could/would wait for the same fare in reversed order and he indicated well.

We' ve got a couple of taxis in New York and we generally just pick them up off the road - there's also one that usually sits right in front of the motel - very convenient. It would also be a warning not to plan a lot of extra work - depending on the hour of the morning, of course, as we learned from our own experiences that the metro is generally faster - point to point - than taxis.

JFK's lump sum tariff between JFK and any point in Manhattan is valid in both direction. Fare is $45.50 + toll (if any) plus tip; anticipate it will be between $58 and $60. Unlike places outside train yards, taxis in New York are usually not found at taxi ranks.

Notice that you can only call an unmanned taxi - which you can tell by the number it has on the middle roof. Please all our members to keep their posts free from automatic advertising or requests of any kind - members associated with tourist related businesses should not add any promotional contacts or addresses to their posts.

Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons. What is the right tip for the taxi rider from jump to manhattan? Now the fare is $52.00 and you should be planning to put in $10 - $11 for tips.

It is to be expected that there will also be an additional tolling. Keep in mind that you can make savings by bringing the JFK AirTrain / LIRR package directly from the New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan to your MTC.

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