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Could I rely on Has anyone had previous bestjet experiences? Normally I use Skyscanners to look up a flight and then book it directly through the airline, but this time it' cheaper than booking through bestjet (recommended by skyscanner) than the real carrier (China Southern Airlines)....... are the legends? can I rely on

Could I have confidence in Could I have confidence in You are probably similar to any other Australia agency. Can I rely on Can I rely on I look at Bestjet for London with Cathay Pacific (also purchased through Skyscanner), and they are almost $300 less than a straight flight reservation with the carrier.

Could I rely on I and a boyfriend have now made a reservation for this Nepal trip (via Bestjet), as far as we've been told, no one has had any trouble with them........ so far so good for us, will definitely be posting if anything goes awry. Can I rely on The majority of agencies give their addresses.

Quoting only one mailbox in Fortitude Valley, this mobile doesn't generate much faith. Can I rely on At the price I'm considering, Bestjet is only $6 less expensive than, a business I've successfully used many a time and will use again. Can I rely on

Could I rely on The majority of agencies give their addresses. Quoting only one mailbox in Fortitude Valley, this mob doesn't exactly create much faith. You are an on-line tourist office, so a real adress on your website is not really needed, but a lookup shows that it is 5 22-26 Constance St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006.

Actually, I was booking a flight and later sent an email to ask for a modification.

Actually, I was booking my tickets and later sent an email to ask for a modification. It was too high when they talked to me about exchange and administration charges, so I asked only to modify my ticket and not my mates. Then they say that they canceled my trip because I asked for a modification and now I have nothing left instead of 2 returns to Singapore!

You want another $505 per capita to get my same flight back! They' been sending me back and forth by email for over 2 week now and nothing is solved....... they keep saying they're paying the new $1010 charge and I can have my flight back! Booking on-line, but in the end there are wrong tickets!

Book bestjet from Brisbane to Launceston, sit side by side, with our bestjet service. I and my spouse reviewed our reservation before we paid for the tickets. A Launceston then came to Brisbane flying and set three lines apart....... As we tried to make it happen, they wanted us to spend $600 to switch planes, plus a changing charge!

It was the only way we could get our cash back to get best jet credits, not even airlines' credits..... Full payment was made for four adult tickets on 30 October 2017 and confirmed with seating number on 31 October 2017. Arriving at the Melbourne International Airports with the pre-booked transportation (limousine at 4.30 pm from home) long before the 3 hours needed before the plane and ( passengers 3) had left Melbourne to fly with us to Japan.

There were two other buddies on the same plane we were on. About 17.52 o'clock we got the first notice by e-mail that my Melbourne spouse and boyfriend were not book as previously confirmed by Bestjet. The [ name deleted ] were very useful and tried everything to fix the best jet bug.

Let me stress that this was a mistake made by Bestjet, and I was told that the cost of the mistake would be borne by Bestjet. They had to return to the motel in one Uber and take a taxi to the nearest taxi station.

Bestjet's error was very unpleasant and expensive and very frustrating for both passengers (3 and 4). Twenty (according to the evidence of April 18, 2018), not to speak of the discomfort of dividing our family/group and the extra cost of transferring from the airports to the endpoint. Bestjet's a disgrace to choose now to compensate us only for the over.

With bestjet you have made 4 departures - the last this year to Taiwan and Germany, as well as one departure to Brisbane. No problem at all - ticket issue within 48hrs. Like any " budgeting office ", you don't try to modify your travel, modify your schedules, etc. - if you're likely to need changes, contact a full-service representative or make a booking directly with the airline.

So I called to update my date of departure on an intercontinental plane. Besjet cited me over 2000 dollars when the plane had returned home for 1300 dollars. On the same date, I called e-tihad directly and asked to have my date of my way back changed, and it was $300. Guy, if you need to modify flights detail, call the carrier directly, not bestjet, as you will save a great deal of time!

I' ve got three round-trip tickets on which I had to prolong one pass. Besjet sent the reference for the amendment, took the cash, but did not edit a ticketing. And we had to foot the bill at the airfield. So, $700 round trip, $340 patch + $850 at the airfield and Bestjet still say 3 month after we checked.

I didn't know that the planes I had between Sydney and Wellington didn't contain any baggage. 220 Differential fares, $100 exchange charge, $140 BESTJET ADMIN AEE. I would have been cheater to just buy another plane pass from the carrier or buy a pocket at the airports. 3 bestjet useds, 1 ive had to alter the flying schedule, I expected trouble with all the poor ratings, but wait 20-30min on the telephone, she explained to us how to alter the charges.

Had bookings 4 months in advanced and near appointments they were changing my flight.... saying airline companies were changing them. They were the least expensive, but they made me cash every time I took a move. Because of the loops and regulations Bestjet has, I had to update the data to October (I wanted Aug/Sept).

Then, I had previously bought fits and gluten free meal which I have been told will be canceled and I now have to pay 200 dollars if I want to pre-order fits. Don't bother booking Bestject flight anymore, it's only $20 less than the regular website. I used bestjet to reserve my ticket because I thought they were located in Australia so I could have confidence in them.

I had to modify my ticket due to an incident and bestjet billed me $700 for it...when I challenged it, they just ignored all my queries and sent me an account. I will never use bestjet again in my lifetime.... Don't ever buy from Bestjet. You seem cheap, but you'll be paying a lot more later.

Automatically they make "mistakes" in your ticket detail and then they bill you tons of cash to back it up in your detail. Booking of 2 person travel from adelaide to brochure and back. We' ve got 4 Thai plane ticket reservations, transiting Bangok to India. Fifty warnings and fortunately other buddies were on the same plane, saying that the plane from Bangok to India had been canceled and we were now put on a plane 24 ours later that was canceled later.

Contacting Bestjet and telling them that this was inappropriate, I asked for an early plane to Bangkok, even went with the operative through new seating and waiting... and waiting..... Checked the reservation with Thai on-line and could not see any changes validated by Thai. Now that we had to depart one or two days early and there weren't many places available, I changed all the bookings and spent another $4,000 on the ticket, telling Besjet by e-mail, on their website, and by telephone that we had to call it off due to the appointment changes.

Five and a half day now I have received the ranaround and said that they cannot reverse until it is approved by Thais (Thais assure me that all of them have been sent commercial counsel on the switchover and reversal process on August 30). I have now made 20 phone calls to bestjet and bestjet, bestjet is refusing to continue with the reversal even though they have been contact by Thais to authorize it.

Having received a marvelous set of services from Thai employees, they say that bestjet is the hardest thing to confirm.

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