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Sale of commercial aircraft

There is a large fleet of commercial aircraft for sale. Only aircrafts The Airplane Sale Department is committed to finding the right airplane for your requirements. Sell ATR 42 300F. This is an excellent short-haul freighter with reduced seating capacity. 737 Boeing V.

I.P. for sale. Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is the most sophisticated and luxury way to fly.

In the BBJ, the cabins are up to three sizes bigger than other bigger jets. RJ200 For sale. Bombardier CRJ aeroplanes are a range of Bombardier produced local jets and the aeroplane is built on the Canadair Challenger concept bought by Canadair.


China's premier domestic Air line, Air China, received its first 737 MAX 8 this weekend, making it the first China air line to use this all-new aircraft. Having seen a constant procession of humans appearing from the toilet on an extensive commercial plane, many travellers hesitate to abandon the bacteria they leave behind.

All the way from the air decks to the boardrooms, these young men pave the way for the next generations of executives.

Can you buy an airliner for your use?

More than 500 VVIP configurable jets are available. Many of them are the property of government, but they are also in private hands. In fact, the VVIP configuration Airbus A440 is currently for sale to the Government of Saud. Over $100MM, which is (more than) a little tricky as used Airbus 40s come onto the scene and you can customize one to your liking for a small portion of it.

Neither do you need $70 million (although that's a pretty good number that will buy you a pretty good plane). Everybody knows about the 747 president, usually known as Air Force One, and many know about Tumps personnel 747 (see below link), but the US administration also runs many 747' configurations (see below attached figure).

On this and other pages I have seen the VVIP configurations of the A380 of a saudian princely. But as used Airbus 380s come onto the scene at a small fraction of their initial cost, the VVIP set-up makes good business sense, and in fact a of our partners in Europe is now starting to build one to measure.

The A340 have a poor quality as the 330 is basically the same plane with 2 power units and therefore less expensive to use. However, given Rolls Royce's low petrol price and tough work to reduce A340 Trent 500 servicing cost (to rival the A330 Trent 700), A340 IHMOs will become very much in demand as they can be run for about $10,000 per hour fuelled and bought for about $10 million.

Both Boeing and Airbus are selling passenger jet passenger jets (VIP versions), and Embraer and Bombardier are using both commercial jets (in their case Regionaljets ) as a base for corporate jets they are selling (e.g. the Lineage 1000 is built on an EJ190). However, there are other issues to consider when using airplanes for private use.

You don't drive as many places as corporate jets, charges can be quite high, service is more costly, and you often compete with airline companies for MROs.

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