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What does a taxi cost in Great Britain? There are comparisons with taxi fares in other areas of Great Britain. Take advantage of our instant, real-time fixed taxi fare calculator to get great deals from licensed Taxi & Minicab operators across the UK. The taxi fare may depend on a number of factors, including the type of taxi (class A, B, C or D) and when your trip takes place. Grab a quote and drive with the premium British car service.

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Municipal authorities regulate tariffs for travel in trolleys (taxis) within the town limits. Fare tables: the upper limit fare charts with effect from 17 May 2013, 28 April 2014 and 27 May 2014. Importantly, rates for the rental of personal rental cars cannot be controlled by the municipal authorities; for both hackney cars and personal rental cars, customers should always make sure that the fare base has been negotiated before departure, especially if the trip exceeds the municipal area.

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An additional reservation fee has also been provided to offset the costs of the one-way trip for rentals beginning 3 mile or more from the taxi or taxi station (whichever is closer). It is the price actually charged at the rate applicable at the moment of travel between the point of departure of the taxi or the taxi station site (as the case may be) and the collection or return point, whichever is nearest to the taxi or taxiway station.

Fees are calculated in accordance with the fare for the trip from the pick-up point to the return point. The fee can only be requested if the client is notified of the amount of the fee at the moment of making the reservation. If a taxi (or personal rental vehicle with taximeter) is requested but not used, a fee shall be paid as if it had been taken from the moment it vacated the position or shelter.

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