Plane Rental Dallas

Aircraft rental Dallas

Deposits, charges and levies Our club's mission is to offer a choice of planes at competitive prices so that members can benefit from a broad spectrum of General aviation services such as air security briefings, airworthiness courses, holiday travel, corporate travel and simply air travel. At present we have five planes and about a hundred members. Members are allowed to make three bookings at the same times, plus one extra booking for the actual date. We rent our aircrafts from our owner, who are also members of the team. On the basis of the hours of operation, the rates cover the plane lease charge, petrol and petrol.

Plane operators are in charge of maintaining the planes.

Membership dues shall be used as working funds for the club and shall be returned upon resignation of the member. The members are obliged to stay in the club for 6 month before they can leave. Instigation fees cover the costs of the new member's admission to the club.

Flying school

Our office is at the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport, opening times are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mon - Sat and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun. Was it a nightmare of yours to be aviator? And the first thing we do is take our voyage of exploration. Find out if purchasing a pilot's licence is something for you!

Do you want to see your home, your business, your building site or any other location in the Dallas/Fort Worth region from a bird's perspective? Many thanks for your visit on our website. You will see that we provide many different kinds of customer support to our team. Our company is a full-service FBO- and FAA-certified 141 flying training center in the centre of the metropolis Dallas/Fort Worth at the Grand Prairie Municipal airport (KGPM).

Known as the Cessna Training Center, our flying academy gives new flyers the chance to experience the latest in Cessna's flying class. In order to provide fast and efficient refuelling our company is marked by the brand of special tank truck under the umbrella of our distributor net within VATFC. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to get your flying license and experience. We look forward to meeting your needs in aeronautics.

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