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Take the plane to the airport I was my first rider, so inviting and excited to share his inside information about restaurants and places of interest. He was a real Bucharest messenger - he beautifully embodied the particular atmosphere of the town. Returning to the terminal - sorry to leave - I said to the chauffeur that I had some scraps that I would like to find someone to use.

Bucharest is not only a welcoming place, but also a loving and sympathetic place. Enjoyment of our Bucharest sightseeing tour & daily excursions!

ukarest:: Airport Otopeni to Bukarest

From Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport, if you wish to take the 780 or 783 buses from Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport to the town, the ground floor stop is in front of the entrance for arrival (from international arrival, take the steps, following the signposts to arrive and then get off) or following the orange buses.

The 783 line links the airport Ostopeni "Henri Coanda" with central Bucharest via the following stations: Henri Coanda Airport Arrivals, Henri Coanda Airport Departure, ICSITMUA, City Hall of Otopeni City ( Primaria Otopeni Airport), AMCO, CFR Passage ( Pasaj CFR ), Privighetorilor Allee ( Aleea Privighetorilor ), Metheorogical Institute ( Institutul Meteorologic ), Baneasa Airport, Baneasa Bridge ( Pod Baneasa ), House of Press (Arch of Triumph - Casa Presei), Docentilor, Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square (Piata Romana), 21 December Square aka Universitate (Piata 21 Decembrie), Unirii Square 1 (Piata Unirii 1), Unirii Square 2 (Piata Unirii 2) - where this sevice ends.

NL as Piata December 21 or University is centrally located and is often a place for departures, it is good to know that the bus stop is in front of the large clinic near the place, the Spitatul (Hospital) Clinic Cottea. On Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Romana Square piata Romana, December 21 square piata 21 Decembrie, Unirii 1 piata Unirii 1 and Unirii 2 piata you have good access to the metro (Metrou).

Schedule 783 to P. Unirii and schedule 783 to the aerodrome. There was a need to go from another place near another terminal to a 783 line terminal and buy two near the stand at the stand, one for the trip to the 783 terminal and one for the trip on the 783 terminal to the international terminal.

Maybe the cash register staff don't speak English, but they will do what you need. Departures from the airport take place at the arrival terminal stop in front of the door where the counter is situated. You can also buy a multiple pass or top up your activity pass at the ATM.

Departure point to the airport is the departure terminal in front of the door. RATB (Bucharest Public Transport Services) operates the coaches. Please note: For travel to the airport from the P. Unirii stop, please buy your tickets in advance as there is no ticketing at this stop.

To get to Nordbahnhof (Gara de Nord), you can take the 780 Expresslinie from Henri Coanda Airport (see next chapter). More information about the expresslinie on rate. Expresslinie 780 (RATB) - Airport to the northern railway station Bucharest (Bucuresti Nord - Gara de Nord) - 7 stations away!

The 780 line is a regular everyday flight between 5.20 pm and 11.00 pm leaving every 35 - 40 minutes from the airport according to the following timetables: 780 to Gara de Nord and 780 to the airport. From the airport you can collect your luggage at the arrival terminal stop, at the door, where you can buy your train pass at the cash desk or at the ATM.

Departure point to the airport is the departure terminal in front of the door. RATB (Bucharest Public Transport Services) operates the coaches. CFR (Romanian Rail Services) offers a short transfers from the airport to the airport railway station (PO Aeroport) (approx. 10 min. away), where you can take the "Henri Coanda" express to Bucharest northern railway station.

See the "Henri Coanda" fast rail timetable (RO). From the airport, your pick-up point is the arrival point in front of the doors. Please note: At the airport, please look for the signposts to the CFR counter. You can buy travel passes for all the Romanian railways in this agency, which you can reserve on-line and in anticipation at Bucharest Airport without any surprise.

These are the best and most secure providers of Air Transfer Services: Bucharest Taxi - reservation in advanced, shuttles, tours, accept credits cards, automobiles from Mercedes, fixed prices. Transfer Bucharest International Airports - reservation, shuttles, fixed prices. The Marius Taxi - taxis, mini vans, advanced bookings, fixed prices, fixed prices. Starting June 15th Bucharest International Airports again offer a taxi service at the Bucharest International Airports.

Taxis are not allowed on car parks in Germany. Don't let counterfeit taxi driver talk to you! Customer care, both by taxi driver and by intermediary, is punished by the Taxi Act (Act 168/2010 on the authorisation of the Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2010). Every infringement of the laws on the premises of the airports will be dealt with by the transport police (telephone number: +4021 201 3242).

And the best way is to ask the taxi cab fare from the start how much the whole ride is so as not to have any unpleasant side effects at the end of your itinerary. In the arrivals hall there is a Clever Taxi where you can select the taxi service and the fare per kilometre.

It prints you a voucher with a delay and a number; this number is on the side of the taxi that is arriving for you, just sit outside for it, show it the voucher and hold the voucher for complaint if you have "surprises". Do not pass on the tickets to the drivers.

Taxis in Bucharest cost 1.39lei/km-3. In 2015 for "DIE 8" taxi operators because they have reached an agreed silent agreement to set transportation rates. Bucharest taxi operators will try to deceive the customer all the while until the city hall applies the new legislation and increases the cost per kilometre.

Disregard all other flatteries, your taxi will reach you; show the taxi drivers your number, but keep the tickets. Generally, never get into a 3+lei taxi; all cabs have the mileage price printed on the outside; always make sure the gauge is on - if not, get out; there is no overnight charge.

There is no longer an authorized taxi service at the airports. Taxis "licensed by the airport" that wait at the arrival terminal's departure point calculate 3 - 3.5 lei/km (more than twice the regular taxi fare in Bucharest), their taximeters are very doubtful and yet they usually choose to bargain the fare instead of using the counter (the final fare will always be higher).

Don't respond to the taxi beasts screaming in the arrival area. - Leave BUS 783 at Victoriei, Romana, University or Unirii stop and from there take Metrou or RATB or taxi to your desired city. - From the Gara de Nord train stop, take the BUS 780 and from there take the subway, RATB or taxi.

  • From there, take TAXI to Victoriei Square and the Metrou.

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