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You can also contact a member company or your travel agent. The RTW ticket works like a passport, so you can book flights with one of the airlines in this alliance. There have been RTW tickets for some time and in the past they were usually offered through marketing agreements between airlines on several continents. Are you ready to finally go around the world? The RTW tickets are offered by the global airline alliances and some specific airline partnerships.

Airfares around the world

So, you want to go around the world.... Travelling around the world is a big task that requires a great deal of careful preparation, and one way of saving your precious resources is to use a specialized tourist agent that offers multiple continents, multiple stops and a round the world itinerary. Learn how you can go around the world on a journey of a lifetime. Learn more about the world of the world.

Often, as these agents are dealing with a high traffic volumes, they can offer you greater cost reductions than the rates they publish. Indeed, travelling around the world with several stations in the fare may be near many return journeys to individual locations, but they bring much more value to your total itinerary.

These types of agencies can help you safe your precious travels because they have a large worldwide airline and flight connection system that allows you to tailor your journey to your needs. It provides a convenient way for those who want to get a fast online estimation for multinational multi-stop trips, and their expert tour guides can give you route recommendations on how to get the best value for the trips you really want.

Another great advantage of using AirTreks is that it does not limit travellers to a particular routing or number of mileage required within a travel path such as that of Air Allianz travel product. Have a look at our photogalleries and our tour leader to the ticket around the world. Learn more about a pair who have been planning their journey to different parts of the world.

There is also important information about your passport and visa as well as your credit card, your personal medical information and your holiday plans. And, of course, we have literary tales from the best writer travelers in the world. With AirTreks you can help us adapt your journey to your needs. A number of tariffs around the world have permanent stopping points with fines for flight and date changes; others can be modified free of charge.

Airtreks consultants can help you find the right rate and the right level of responsiveness. If you have designed your journey the way you like it, you can hand it in to an Airtreks tour operator - a true one! However, you may find that you can make significant savings if you visit the same destination in a different order.

AirTreks can also tell you in which jurisdictions you need to present "proof of continuation " - in other words, a ticket for a foreign trip. When you plan to stay longer than 11 month or a year, or when you are unsure about your itinerary to a particular location, you may need to buy stage ticket.

We strongly recommend that you hold the real ticket in your hand before departure; do not expect "vouchers" to be effective. Where possible, you should make your payment by ticketing with your major bank account and take out travel cancelation and suspension cover. Maybe if you like the article we post, you can become one of our authors!

Plan your trip and then make a history for us!

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