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Has Air India a good mobile app? All you need to know about Air India Travel Apps. India Air Meet Air India 2.0, the all-new, completely re-designed, state-of-the-art Air India app. Featuring user-friendly accessibility to key trip features, this app is as easy as never before to make reservations and checks in for Air India outings.

Reservation: The number of seats is all available in a unique side by side preview.

  • Support for overseas reservations has been added. - The posting of preferential rates is possible. - Support for multi-city reservations. - You can now make reservations by earning your mileage. - Buy top-of-the-range seating when you make your reservation. - Choose your own meal and other specific service when making your reservation. - Store several travelers for faster reservations in the near term.
  • Scanning your cardholder for ease of use. - Possibility to save credits in the wallet for later fast retrieval. - Support for Visa, PayPal, Credit Credits, Direct Debit, Networking, and Amex EzeClick. - Recognize the wheather at your final location when you book and in My Trips. Checking in: - Straightforward and straightforward check-in.
  • Multi-passenger check-in on more than one flight at the same airport. - Retrieve routes that have been posted anywhere with posting references. - When checking in, look at and select the seating in your designated cabins. - Optionally, alerts for embarkation, pre-flight and pre-flight travel for journeys downloaded in apps. - Fast and easy acces to Air India call center and distribution centres around the globe.
  • Access your journey off-line. Thanks for purchasing Air India and we look forward to working with you to make it the best Air India app on the market!

Mobile AI Booking

Which functions are available withobile booking? Verify the release of your portable OS. Q. I can't log in with the default user interface I used to create in the old app? Your new app has been connected to your FFP-section. Q. I don't see a log in to my free flight area?

A. Q. Can I use the app to make bookings for more than one city with stops? Q. How can I use the ticketing data obtained on the mobile/e-mail ID? After your reservation has been successfully processed, an e-ticket (ITR) will be sent to your email account and the reservation will be stored on your telephone under "My Trips" with the same name on the identification at the entrance to the terminal and at check-in.

Q. What method of payments can I use for my travel reservation? There are all kinds of billing available. Master, VISA, American Express, JCB, Rupay, cards spent in and outside India, and Net Banking with in India are acceptable on apps. Q. Can I use my major credit or debit cards to make a reservation on the app when I am not traveling?

It is possible to book via Mobile App using one of the following modes of payments, even if you are not traveling. However, if the reservation is made via the credit cards, the following must be observed. Travellers are obliged to bring a copy of the travel pass that has been autographed by the cardholder authorising the use of the travel pass to buy the tickets.

The only first four and last four numbers of the map should stay in view for safety purposes, you should delete the mid six numbers and the safety CVV. You MUST present the above copy of the map at check-in. Q. Can I use more than one Prepaid Cardholder if I have a bank account on my Prepaid Cards?

A. You can only use one single credit or debit/credit card for a single transactions. It is not permissible to split the value of the transactions between several means of settlement or several credit or debit card transactions. The EMI feature will soon be available in the Mobile App. Currently, the mobile app does not activate the possibility of paying via various types of wallet and money card.

You will be informed when these methods of payments are enabled. Q. How many people can I put in one single ticketing? At the time of reservation the number of children must not be more than the number of adult children. Q. Can I buy a open date tickets? Q. What postings can be made with the discounted rate categories?

A. You can currently use the Discounted Tariff Type URL to make an on-line reservation for home trips within India. Discounts available are for seniors, youth, college and other government and army licenses, see link: Discounts for full information. htm If the seniors' prices are applicable to overseas trips (as regularly introduced), see above for full information.

Q. Is it possible to use this checkout tool to verify my tickets without actually buying a lot? Allows you to verify air travel availabilities and tariffs without actually buying a ticketing. Q. Why do I see a lower price than the price I was paying for? If you see a lower price than the price payed, the reimbursement of the balance will not apply.

Similarly, if the fares have increased and higher-priced fares are offered, no distinction would be made for the same ticket unless there is a policy to collect the mandatory fee on authority other than the airline, i.e. airports/government authority. However, if a duty is imposed between the date of reservation and the date of your trip, it may be levied at the moment of your arrival at the destination.

As regards operations in currencies other than the euro, some major cardholder institutions are known to collect charges from their cardholders for cross-border operations. Q. Can I verify that the purchase of my tickets was made? Q. What are the limitations on the amount of free travel that can be purchased on a cell phone? In the case of internal departures, up to 2 hrs and up to 4 hrs in advance of the planned flight start date on cross border services, and up to 330 hrs in the case of a planned flight start date on cross border services, reservation may be made using the following means of transport

Q. Can I see my reservation? I typed my PNR and name on the Add Trips page, but I can't see my reservation...? Please verify again that you have typed the PNR correctly, also known as the Reservation or Flight Reservation number. Make sure you type the surname of at least one traveller as it will appear on the tickets.

Q. Is it possible to cance my reservation via the app? It is possible to use the My Trips area of the app to reverse postings made using the app. Your deposit will be added to your bank balance within one workweek.

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