Colombo to Batticaloa by Air

From Colombo to Batticaloa by air

Booking your Colombo (CMB) to Batticaloa (BTC) flight with our Best Price Guarantee. ( CMB-BTC ) Compare flights from Colombo to Batticaloa. Affordable CMB to BTC tickets from dozens of online travel agencies. An international airport with flights to Colombo City (Waters Edge, Kotte), Bentota, Dickwella, Koggala, Kandy, Castlereagh, Sigiriya, Batticaloa and Trincomalee.

Columbo to Batticaloa flights

In the following you will find some frequently asked question about this route: What is the best timetable for my travel from Colombo to Batticaloa? Carriers change the price of air fares from Colombo to Batticaloa depending on the date and hour you are booking your ticket. Having analyzed the information of all airline companies, we found that the best dates for booking Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the best.

What is the frequency of flying directly from Colombo to Batticaloa? There' s one straightaway from Colombo to Batticaloa. Which is the most favourite nonstop carrier from Colombo to Batticaloa? offers 1000 of the nonstop services between Colombo and Batticaloa. Greater versatility is the major advantage when purchasing a single ticket from Colombo to Batticaloa.

Each year Batticaloa draws tens of millions of visitors every year for both commercial and private purposes.

The best fares from Colombo to Batticaloa

There are many ways to find the best flight to Batticaloa, and you can select where to make your reservation. You can also find airline companies offering discounts from Colombo to Batticaloa. Last weeks lowest return fare found was $389. Last weeks lowest disposable rate found was 284 dollars.

Colombo is 136 mile ( or 219 km ) from Batticaloa. There' s no gap in timing between Colombo and Batticaloa.

to Batticaloa 3 Colombo flights

What time does the first plane leave Colombo for Batticaloa? to Batticaloa is at 2:00. Plane arriving at 3:45pm. When' s the last plane from Colombo to Batticaloa? On the Colombo - Batticaloa routes, there are scheduled connections.

Last plane departs at 19:00 and reaches Batticaloa at 20:45. Travelling from Colombo to Batticaloa through the respiratory tract, how much is the journey travelled and how much takes it. So how many planes are flying this way? As the crow flies, the air line between Colombo and Batticaloa is 222 km. Approximately 3 planes a day operate on this routes.

How long does a Colombo-Batticaloa trip take in general under usual conditions? All in all, the air travel from Colombo to Batticaloa takes 01h15. Mean fares may differ between Colombo and Batticaloa. What is the maximum cabin luggage allowance on a Colombo to Batticaloa trip?

From Colombo to Batticaloa the cabin luggage limits usually vary between 7 and 8 kg. To confirm, please consult the airline in question. If you are traveling to Batticaloa, how many daily departures from Colombo to this location? There are 3 daily departures from Colombo to Batticaloa to do this.

Choose a trip that fits the timetable and has great rates. What airline companies operate from Colombo to this point when they travel to Batticaloa? There are 2 airline companies offering services to Batticaloa from Colombo. The Colombo - Batticaloa section is serviced by the number of departures per day and week.

How many departures per week from Colombo to this location when you travel to Batticaloa? In order to get to Batticaloa, there are 3 daily departures from Colombo to this area. Prices range from Colombo to Batticaloa. Select any flying season you like. What is the best way to buy a Colombo to Batticaloa tickets over the Intranet?

Describe the maximum amount of check-in bags for your flight from Colombo to Batticaloa? As a rule, the check-in weight limits for Colombo to Batticaloa are 7 kg. Before you book a Batticaloa International Airlines flight you should ask the airlines. Do you have a cabin border for Colombo to Batticaloa flight? From Colombo to Batticaloa the weight of carry-on bags varies between 23 kg and 60 kg.

However, do not neglect to contact the carrier before you book your tickets. Which advantages does the Web Check-in have before the flight from Colombo? When you fly from Colombo, the web check-in function allows you to select a preferred seating position and you can also have your flight card printed without waiting in long lines.

Once I have booked a Colombo-Batticaloa flight, is it possible to change my trip details? Contact the airline companies to update your flight details for Colombo-Batticaloa Airline companies shall modify the appointments as required.

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