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Me and my husband are so happy we found Air On Demand! Latest tweets from Air On Demand (@AirOnDemand). is very professional, polite and through and through. Obtain address, phone number and service information for Air On Demand, Inc. in Miami, FL.

Migami AC Repair & Replacement

Give us a call today to cover your climate and heat needs! With our unparalleled Price First Pricing guideline, you know exactly how much each of the services we offer will charge, with no latent unpleasant surprises. Our Price First Pricing guidelines are designed to help you understand how much each of the services we offer will costs. Want to enjoy the Ultimate Comforts of your Miami air conditioner or heater? With our dedication to environmentally friendly, energy-efficient heat and cool, and our many years of working with local communities, we are the ideal choice for all air-handling needs, large or small.

Reliable, competent engineers and uncomplicated prices! All our engineers have pre-printed pricing guides so you always know you're getting the most fair one. All our staff undergo strict controls and are fully qualified to provide you with the best possible services for your air condition and your HVAC requirements. Our engineers are not only excellently qualified and skilled in dealing with many different air conditioner makes and models, but are also happy to work with you.

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Jose is very thorough and professionally. Mick is very professionally, polite and through and through. My decision to work with Air on Demand was based on his expertise and professionality in preparing my offer to exchange my whole HAVAC system. Mikey really made it easier for me to make my decisions. Dignity and could have recommended him and Air on Demand.

On time and very kind, Mike was easily spoken. and professional. Excellent services, great prize...! Mike, Liphate and David came in the mornings and worked non-stop (about 9 hours) until the work was done. Lucky for Air on Demand to have such staff.... Thought it would be the default facility, but I was so bad that Liphete did a premium facility on my A/C my spouse and I'm both very satisfied with this facility Thumbs up for a great job ??????Thumbs

I would be pleased to be able to use his services in the near term. Excellent customer care! He was very technical and gave clear answers to my queries.

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