Taxi from Heathrow to London

Cab from Heathrow to London

My advice to anyone travelling to London is to find a way to get to the city other than by taxi. Be careful of London taxi drivers from Heathrow - London Forum My advice to anyone travelling to London is to find a way to get to the town other than by taxi. You have NO fixed prize basing on the target location (like in New York) and can betray you lightly. Taxi guy betrayed me a few months ago.

It took me on a long journey that costs me 107 quid. By the time I got there, the bellman saw me paying so much cash and was amazed. Said to me that a taxi trip from Heathrow should only be about 50lb. With a Mercedez (special auto rental required by the hotel) I returned to the airport for only 35lb.

Use the bus shuttle to Paddington, the fast rail to Paddington (34 lbs for one round journey per adult), the metro or your local hotels to get you a personal vehicle (they will give you the "set price") and don't get attacked by a London taxi like me. However, every frequent guest in this board already discourages taking a "black" taxi from Heathrow.

It is recommended to book a taxi in advance when you want to take a taxi, although there is, as you say, a wide range of means of public transportation. The cost of an officially registered taxi depends on the driving situation, as it is measured. Heathrow' s regular itinerary was recently also affected by a roadblock for repairs, so taxi cabs, like all other cars, had to travel a longer distance.

50 pounds isn't enough for a taxi. I travelled to a nearby goal at the Westfield Mall and there were no roadblocks. Of course, by nearer I mean nearer than typically downtown! If you say Westfield Mall, I suppose you mean Westfield London and not Stratford.

All I can think of is that the rider went up the M4, the M25 and then the A40. The Westfield Mall at Shepherds Bush sounds like £50 to you. Did you get in a London cab? Yes, London Westfield Mall at Shepherd's Bush Tube stop, and I estimate he took the M4 itinerary.

Monday mornings, the journey took place at 8 o'clock. To give you a clue, a taxi to Windsor, 20 min away, would take between 50-65lb. Most of the time the taxi was driving on the motorway (if I remember correctly). About 30 lbs on the metre I saw an exiting road plate that led to Heathrow Airport.

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