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Latest updates Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards are designed to recognize and honor the accomplishments of organizations, groups and individual professionals in the sector who form the company's real core. John Dewing, Flight Support Operations & Facilities Manager, greeted Baroness Sugg on a guided walk through the air facilities, meeting rooms and airplane hangers.

There were also talks during the tour about what is currently affecting our sector and Howard Barber, Head of Standard Division, addressed the question of the restriction of London overnight slots, the implications of Brexit for business aviation and John Dewing also debated the variations in NASP movement standard in the UK from a 10 tonne threshold to a 15 tonne one in Europe.

Please call one of our specialized charters teams today on +44(0)1603 518 118 for a free quotation on our Hawker 900XP. The Legacy 500 is a visible sign of growing styles, power, technology as well as convenience. You can ask any agent, property owners or experienced charterers what kind of mid-size jets would give you the convenience and cruising speeds of a heavier plane and you will be hearing a name - The Legacy 500.

It'?s simple to be prejudiced, with one in your group. Embraer - the Brasilian producer - has launched one of the most technically progressive models in the whole wide aviation industry - and the aviation industry loves it. Legacy 500 features a series of 3250NM, a large double cockpit, huge window and a large baggage compartment, allowing this models to rival not only the mid-size and large mid-size markets, but also heavier jetliners at a much lower cost.

Eventually, this plane will give you more planes for your cash. More space, more reach, more advanced technologies and high speeds make the Legacy 500 a real eye-catcher for the big guys; it won't come at a price during the charter as such. First, the costs of the plane are unparalleled compared to others on the merchant ship markets.

Looking at the Gulfstream G280 and the Bombardier Challenger 350, the heritage is really at the top - with nearly $6 million less than the Challenger 350, it's hard to understand why the heritage chart is so hard to match. Now we have found that the bequest is not only more economical than its competition, but also helps you keep nothing behind... I'm sure it's musical to your ear when you learn that travel times will be quicker than other available charters.

At a cruising pace of 466 KTAS, the 500 6 KTAS takes you to your destinations quicker than its competitor, the Cessna Sovereign. One of the many strong points of the bequest, as we have already mentioned, is that you can't just let your home be comfortable... But reinforcing it doesn't just provide room for your baggage, it also provides convenience for (probably) your whole familiy, your crew, your friends, etc.

The Legacy 500 can comfortably accommodate a grand total of 10 people. In hypothetical times, the Legacy 500 will not only be the least expensive, but also the quickest to get you there, with all your belongings... you'll never have to abandon a man! While it is evident to see that the Legacy 500 is superior in luxurious ultra mid-range, the plane is finally a premium mid-range plane in pricing but performs like a heavier plane in convenience and outreach.

When you want more aircraft for your budget, more reach, more space, great engineering, high speeds and luxury comforts, perhaps you should make the Legacy 500 your next choice. Be it in your professional life, in your free time or for a customer, our Legacy 500 really does cross all fields without cracking the deal.

Currently, we offer free, non-binding comparison offers for real visibility into where our heritage could take you. Contact one of our Charter Sales teams for a free, non-binding quote so we can help you make a bequest. In the last few weeks the wildlife has really robbed our fleets of their spotlight.

Our pure chopper and privat jets simply didn't get a break with the anti-poaching dog trainings on our choppers and Elitesport Horse in Cheltenham...! Hounds spend the whole afternoon insensitive to chopper and jets, getting on and off planes and the real on-board practice where the hounds were in the air.

Flying with class in the latest generation of helicopters available in the UK markets. Any other general charters shall prevail. The AOG protection cover is an insured contract which provides for compensation to cover part or all of the extra cost of a substitute aeroplane in the case of failures and failures.

So, in the airplane English (pun intended)... If you rent with us and the airplane you rent cannot be flown for one of the above mentioned reason, we will organize a spare airplane for you, without surcharge with AOG protection insure. Even though the planes in 2018 will be technologically progressive, secure and dependable, as with any type of transportation, there are situations where an unscheduled error or event can adversely impact your airfare.

In case the hardest thing happened and your plane had to be canceled, a substitute plane is not warranted and the expenses for re-fitting a new plane would be borne by the Charterer. All extra charges for a spare plane are covered by AOG shield. "In most cases we would be tempted to accept, but in this case the expense of insuring against the hired plane you will be losing is truly unparalleled.

Up to 50% of the costs for a full charters reservation against a substitute plane will be covered. Every effort shall be made to make available a spare aeroplane on a similar base. If there are no similar planes, you can get an updated one. G-SUEJ's committed air crews greeted the major aerospace interests on the aircraft and presented the latest in Legacy 500 technology, featuring fully digitized fly-by-wire control and remarkable low sound level during take-off and landing.

Widely loved by both commercial and recreational travelers, G-SUEJ has had an unbelievable 90% load factor since its launch in March 2017. Legacy 500's Legacy 500's Clean Sheets design makes it one of only 25 privately owned jet liners approved to travel to and from London City, and it outperforms many competing privately owned jet liners who are incapable of meeting the airport's stringent acoustic requirements, narrow take-off and landing runways, sharp landing runways and take-off angles.

It offers travelers the unparalleled ability to take one of the most technically sophisticated personal jet aircraft ever built to and from the heartland of the country's capitol without the hassle and traffic jams associated with traditional commute. Legacy 500's large and spacious cab is the biggest in its category and has a 110 foot square primary hold, plus a spacious on-board storage and storage area that allows travelers to take extra bags for longer trips.

In addition to its stunning comfort, the Legacy 500 is also an unbelievably high-speed airplane. The Legacy 500 last November thrilled the aerospace community and raised the bar with its two Honeywell HTF7500E powerplants, the most green in their category, which enabled it to reach continent- and trans-oceanic destinations in recordspeed.

The new Boeing 777-30s, Emirates own, have been upgraded extensively to include the Mercedes-Benz-inspired privately operated suite. Flyer of our Businesklasse are equipped with a 23-inch widescreen display and a minibar at every location. Emirates' new additions to the Emirates airline network were presented at the Dubai Airshow in November and are now available for booking.

The recently launched Boeing 777-300 with luxurious staterooms has already made its maiden voyage and a new movie has been published to mark the landmark. Airbus UK Senior VP Katherine Bennett said: "Divisions in other markets are excited about the award of manufacturing orders; Airbus parts are currently being shipped between factories across the whole continents thanks to the UK's place in the Custom Unions, the Internal Markets and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

In addition, the top 10 airport businesses have also recorded good air travel numbers since January 2017. Numbers relate to take-offs, landings, detentions and corporate jet flyovers. From the London heliport, Battersea, you drive directly to Paris via the White Cli?s of Dover and the wide open Picardy plain.

We saw our tenth anniversary, which Red Arrows is hosting for the fifth time in a row, extended our fleets, flew some rather unbelievable aircraft and last but not least built a very interesting relationship with brands leader. Last year Saxon donated the EAAA Polish Solo Fest, sponsor the Only The Brave tournament and Saxon members of the Saxon dynasty will take part.

And to be frank, we're always delighted by their passion for our headquarters here at the Klyne Business aviation centre. It' s also quite thrilling to know that as a business of aeronautical geeks, amateurs and enthousiasts, we have some of the best combat aircraft drivers in the canteen!

Be nice and arid day (but we're still discussing UK day with 4 extra days!) so we're expecting some nice faces at the edge of the Klyne Business  Aviation Centre. The EBACE is gathering together tens of millions of business aeronautics experts from Europe and around the globe for three crucial events, from Monday 22 May to Wednesday 24 May, at the prestigious Geneva Palexpo.

The Legacy 500, driven by the state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Aviation Family, is the first airplane in its class to offer fly-by-wire technologies for flying control. "Legacy 500's ability to take off from short distances gives our clients a huge chance to fly from near destinations such as London City Airport, which is a problem for many other planes in its class.

Legacy 500's large and spacious cab is among the biggest in its category and has a 110 foot square primary hold, plus a spacious on-board storage and storage area that allows passengers to transport extra bags for longer trips.

"Expanding our already diverse portfolio with the Legacy 500 and its extraordinary capabilities shows our dedication and capability to provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art, progressive and luxury experience," Durand commented. "The Legacy 500 will offer our clients a total package thanks to its functional design, its six-club seats and its roomy sofa in four berths for longer trips.

In addition to its stunning capability, the Legacy 500 convinced the aerospace community last November after setting a new standard for achieving continuous and transatlantic distances in records short times with its two Honeywell HTF7500E powerplants, the most green in their category. Ten-seater Legacy 500 is now in the UK, having been scanned from the Brazilian plant, and is now available for quotation submission!

Should you have special queries about the airplane, please do not hesistate to get in touch with our distribution staff to learn more. Baltic Air Charter Association launched a new young person awards section at its October Awards Dinner this year. With the Young Person of the Year Awards, young persons who have made an excellent entry into the world of aeronautics are to be honoured.

A shortlist was selected on the basis of a combination of excitement, positivity, initiative as well as a strong commitment to aerospace. Embraer's Phenom 300 Leichtjet is powered from London's Stansted Airport. Awarded the title of "Most Shipped Commercial Jet" in the last two years, the airplane offers room for up to nine people in its roomy, bright cabins, is ideally suitable for intra-European travel and can be used for both commercial and recreational use.

Incorporating a range of sophisticated functions including: personal intercom, 4-axle auto-pilot, super-quiet noise reduction, high-speed connectivity and congestion control. The crowd assembled last weekend at the Business Aviation Centre to take a look at the team's stunning preparations for departing on the floor, and then observed how it flew in form for its exhibition at the Clacton Air Show.

In addition to operating a mix airline portfolio from Mustangs to the Gulfstream G550, the airline operates its own chopper division for customers throughout Europe. Offering a service to both the London and UK markets, the chopper will be available to all existing and new customers for quicker and more comfortable journeys.

As we are well known for being a good value charters and operators, the acquisition will increase our visibility and reach in the chopper world. This rapidly expanding business is expecting the plane to be used for both business and recreational emissions, it can be flown at nights and is therefore a great option for driving to an event such as a race or concert.

We just released our empty legs for July 2016. Remember that the cost of our empty legs for the entire plane is not per person, sometimes the cost can only be 100 per person considering that you are travelling on a privately owned plane that must be valuable! From its inception in 2007, the business has been growing from year to year, with new charters and administered jets being added to the portfolio, air assistance agreements being signed through the Business Aviation Center head office, and more and more airplane purchases and disposals being made.

Increasing sales by 32% year on year to over GBP 13 million in 2015, the Group welcomed more than 20 new employees to meet the increasing needs within the organization, offering a great opportunity for further expansion into new businesses for the time being. It has the capability to turn a day into an hour, which brings precious commercial benefits.

Redesigning the logotype mirrors the development of the groups from a small chopper provider offering marine service to the port to an internationally operating group offering a broad spectrum of chopper service to our affiliates. MedAire, a healthcare and security firm for the crews of corporate air carriers and yacht crews, conducted the course and the crews completed intensive qualification at the Inflite Jet Centre at Stansted Airport.

This course teaches crews the ability to successfully and safely react to health emergencies before, during and after a mission by incorporating first aid instruction with the health equipment available on an airplane and instructed by medicine, trip and aerospace professionals. Aeroplane is powered from NHV Aberdeen Air Force bases.

Hawker commenced operations at the end of June following a shared managerial relationship with London-based The World Is Yours. Recently, the plane was fully equipped with a luxury, lightweight up to 9 passenger hot-air cabin from the well-equipped cabin area and a vibrant exterior paint finish.

Gulfstream went into service at the end of May and will be the only G550 operating from its London Stansted Air Station home base. It has an almost unrivaled cruising distance with the ability to travel over 6000 nm, which means it can travel non-stop from London to Los Angeles, Cape Town or Hong Kong.

G550 is a reliable airplane with a global flight portfolio that has completed more than 1 million flight hour. The special plane has a spacious, contemporary stand-up stateroom, personalised passengers entertaining facilities, Wi-Fi and a large onboard kitchen offering a complete, tailor-made meal with newly cooked, delicious meals on toboard.

Commenting on the G90XT, Chris Mace, Group Commercial Director, said: "Like the 400XTi, the G90XT rewrites the rule by taking a good, trusted and established airplane and making it even better. The G90XT offers operators not only great versatility, but also lower operational cost, lower planned service counts, improved power and better outreach.

A number of significant technological improvements will be made to the airplane, among them single-stage performance regulation for simpler procedures and less work for the pilots.

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