How to get a Private Jet for Cheap

What's the best way to get a private jet for cheap planes?

However, private jet owners try to get holidaymakers to think differently about travel by romping around to make the trip part of the holiday experience. Experience Private Jet, Cheap Fares on JetSuiteX JetSuite, the private jet company, has established JetSuiteX, a new publicly owned charters airline that offers new services to travellers in the Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles. Beginning on weekdays on April 19, the airline will operate services between Buchananan Field in Concord, California, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, and Las Vegas on April 22.

Concord Burbank's services begin with three return journeys per day on a 30-seater Embraer 135 jet, with entry-level prices as low as US$109 per leg. JetSuiteX will offer up to four round tours per week between San Jose Mineta International Airport and Bozeman, Montana, on June 30. JetSuiteX's executive board incorporates JetBlue's market-leading policies, among them Alex Wilcox, who was one of JetBlue's founders and the airline's third member of staff.

LA-Las Vegas dropped one million passengers on the way in the same period," Wilcox said. However, if you look at the street circulation, the amount of automobiles travelling between the two towns is high, which is the million plus of those who miss and maybe more, Wilcox said. "Eventually, with longer safety lanes and more full flight times, travelling times have risen as flight numbers have risen and it has a detrimental effect on the number of passengers," he said.

Wilcox said there are two major choices for flying within California. "To rent a private jet at one end or to fly southwest (usually) at the other end," he said. Delta Air Lines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines also fly within California. Wilcox, also Chief Executive Officer of private jet carrier JetSuite, said the business is still doing well.

The JetSuiteX is a subsidiary that offers a different but complimentary product," he said. "For years we have been hearing from our customers that they wanted bigger airplanes for chartering, so that this airplane takes account of many different front ends. JetSuite customers are expected to be flying both JetSuite makes, but there will be many more customers we can contact with JetSuiteX.

The JetSuiteX will offer many of the amenities normally associated with traveling with private jets, but at the cost of a conventional airplane cabin, inclusive: Thirty luxury seating per plane, each with a minimum height of 36 inches, similar to the home carrier bus classic services; three seating per line - a one- and a doubles extra area with a side desk that can be used for work or gaming; services only from private jet terminal, making the event quicker and more convenient without long delay at the terminal, safety lanes or long strolls through huge terminal buildings.

JetSuiteX passengers do not have to register and purchase a month's pass or fly small aircraft, unlike other alternate airlines. JetSuiteX members can also partner with JetBlue to collect TrueBlue points that are good for free New York airline awards. By purchasing 10 Embraer E135s, the company is entering the market of chartering private aircraft, where a private jet adventure can actually be bought with a sole seating position.

The JetSuite will also use the new jet for private charters, where the entire jet can be rented for approximately $8,000 per hour or only $300 per passenger per hour for a group of 30 people. Wilcox said the "Private for the Public" ad drive reflected a private jet lifestyle that is now available at an affordably low price and available to a wide public.

"He said it includes advertisements, outdoor and outdoor possibilities, HD PR and entertainment, and key brands such as JetBlue, our TrueBlue customer retention partners, communities, and businesses. "Wilcox said, "We think that once folks have tried JetSuiteX, there will be a lot of verbal propaganda, but first we have to inform folks about us and give them a good idea of why we are doing this first trip on it.

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