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Second hand Learjet jet aircraft on the international marketplace for used aircraft. Purchase used trailer couplings for Learjet and Citation. Second-hand Tronair 01-0542-0010-A2 Tiller Head for Learjet / Citation Many of our used products are sold as soon as they arrive because we provide an e-mail notification to our clients who need the product first. Call me: E-mail adress: Your e-mail adress Do not hesitate to ask us your question about this article or your GSE requirement in general. It is for general use only and may not be fully accurate for all aircrafts.

Before buying or using with your airplane, please certify that all devices meet the specifications of your airplane.

Purchase a used Bombardier Learjet

Recently Boeing has recognized the benefits of fly-by-wire technologies and it has been used in the development of the Boeing 777 and since then the 787. There are single and two-seater S-1 and S-2 aircraft, and over the years various motor and prop configurations have been installed.

Today's top of the line is the S-2C, equipped with a 260 hp powerful 260 hp Hartzell Honeycomb 540 motor and a three-bladed Hartzell compound pitch prop. A-1C has either 180 hp or 200 hp llycoming motors, the latter being equipped with gasoline injectors. As a new feature for the Husky when equipped with float, a reversable MT compound prop is available that is useful for narrow space attachment and maneuvering.

Textron bought Hawker Beechcraft in 2013 and is continuing to do so today as Beechcraft with the end of Hawker line manufacturing. Beechcraft has already delivered 18,000 Bonanzas since the first Bonanza took to the air and has thus established the aircraft as a key component of the global General Aviation family. Bonanza's twin-engine Bonanza is the Baron, and the latest Bonanza is the G58, driven by 2 Continental IO-550 300 hp motors, so the Baron can drive with up to 190 kn.

Boeing currently manufactures the models 737, 747, 777 and 787. A further Cirrus novelty was the provision of liquid-based anti-ice apparatus (as distinct from conventional methods) that enabled the aircraft to fly into FIKI (known Icing) accreditation. Currently there are two large reciprocating versions, the SR20 with the Continental IO-360 (and recently also the Lycoming IO-390) and the SR22 with the Continental IO-550 or the TSIO-550 with turbocharger.

In 2017, after many years of research and experimentation, Cirrus supplied the first SF50 Vision Jet with a mono-motor. Cirrus SF50 Vision is selling for just over $2 million. Established by Frank Robinson and currently managed by his Son Kurt, the business has more than 12,000 units and is the biggest lightweight aircraft producer in the United States.

Robinson RP22 was manufactured in three major variants, the Alpha, Omega II and Mariner (equipped with floats). Driven by either the Lycoming O-320 or O-360 reciprocating Lycoming engines, the Lycoming O-320 is very much a favourite for flying instruction, with most General Aviation pilot aircraft now flying the Lycoming R2 during their schooling.

R22 is also used comprehensively as a gathering device and is used for the rapid transport of bovine animals on large plots of land. Astro was the first non-hydraulic R44 and since then all other R44s have been equipped with Hydraulic Control. R44 is supplied with either Lycoming O-540 or IO-540 and Mariner can be equipped with either permanent or retractable swimmers.

Rolls Royce RR300 is a 270 hp Rolls Royce motor designed specifically for the R66.

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