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scoll class="mw-headline" id="Aviation_career">Carrière aéronautique [edit]> Clay Lacy (born August 14, 1932) is the founding father and CEO of Clay Lacy Aviation, founded in 1968 as the first Western United States based corporate aviation agency [1] His career path comprises flight master, army airman, test pilots, aircraft racing champions, global champions, cameramen, and entrepreneurs. More than 300 airplane models have been piloted by Lacy, more than 50,000 air travel recorded and more air travel collected with jetliners than any other pilots in the globe. In 1988, Lacy set a 36 hour, 54 minute and 15 second global records with a Boeing 747SP named "Friendship One" that collected $530,000 for children's aid organizations.

Lacy's name has made its way into many newspapers and aviation bookheads with 29 speeds worldwide recordings. The Los Angeles Business Journal. "Aeronautical pioneers." "The Clay Lacy." "The Clay Lacy Wins the Aviation Awards." Aviator. Lively aviation legend. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>>Lucky Me : The Life and Fellowship of Veteran Aviator Clay Lacy.

"world records: An extensive conversation with Clay Lacy on Mach .80". Commercial pilot.

Employer reviews for Clay Lacy Aviation

It offers good performance and a good pay. When you are dedicated, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile there is room for growth within the organization. As the business grows, it can be a challenge to park. It is not the most delicious but the most beautiful cup of tea they offer their people. Keep hiring people who are focused on serving customers.

A large enterprise with a familiar character. It is a rapidly expanding business, so you may need to do several tasks. One great workplace for everyone - flexibility, great value, demanding project - that will help you thrive and evolve other aptitudes. All I can think of is a restricted employee area.

I have seen an amelioration from the moment I began to work here to the moment I leave the business... For such a small business that is somewhat unified, we can be seen as a big unit and it only serves to further ameliorate this great business.

It can be difficult to park, so come early! Continue with the great work and listen to your people. Get up for yourself or other coworkers and your share. Let the "family talk" go as if you had let the "most skilled pilot in the world" go, and the business isn't, with the high sales it's essentially a lot of foreigners trying to get along and not be pushed into the background.

Tough work, good top-down communications. The human resources department is very busy, however, the expanding enterprise is tough work. Loved the corporate motif with lunch and icecream. Clay Lacy's staff are committed to its continued growth. After 9:00, it's tough to find a place to park. Excellent folks; tough work; try to get the owner to look after the deal.

It' been long enough since I was gone that I felt well enough to write this. It was a real one when I began working there. Fix your reputations with the local authorities, sellers and your own people. Recruit better managers or support long-term staff from the inside out.

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