Spectrum by Charter

Spektrum according to charter

Charters chief executive officer threatened with legal action over New York's attempted to throw Spectrum out of the state. As the New York Public Service Commission ordered Spectrum to package and shut down the state operation - and even develop a transitional customer switch to a substitute Internet/TV operator within 60 working days - I didn't think things would actually turn out that way.

Charter's chief executive officer (Spectrum's mother company) says his business is prepared to conduct a "long" lawsuit in New York if the matter cannot otherwise be solved outside a court room. In general, we have good relations with the Communities we minister to, and we abide by our obligations, and we have that in New York State," he added.

The New York State PSC on Friday agreed to withdraw and reverse its consent to the 2016 Charter 2016 buy-out of Time Warner Cable, thereby reversing the transaction in effect. It gave Charter 60 working days to submit a schedule for an "orderly transition" to a succeeding supplier - or several of them. "In its submission, the PSC stated that the PSC requires a six-month charter schedule to stop operation in areas previously serviced by TWCs.

This could mean for Charter that all its Time Warner Cable asset will be sold in New York. Prior to the divestment, Time Warner Cable had operations in 29 states, so Spectrum will continue to do the same in the other states. New York is one of the company's most crucial marketplaces. The terms of the company's New York deal stipulated that Charter should "transfer an extra 145,000 unserved or underserved households and companies in the less populous areas of the state within four years of completion of the transaction".

PSC says the Charter is not making sufficient headway in this regard. However, if you are a Spectrum client, the chances that you will be with another supplier within a few month are low to not at all.

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