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Jet's coach Todd Bowles said he was waiting for more information before making any public announcements about whether Rodgers will be training this week. Celvin Beachum interview inside the jets. Disease can make Rodgers say goodbye to the jets.

On Monday, the immediate futures of the jet's defense co-ordinator, Kacy Rodgers, remain uncertain. It' possible Rodgers has to take a vacation, but Bowles said it's too early to tell. Jets defenders devoted the Sunday prize to Rodgers and hope to have their trainer back soon.

Adam said he sent Rodgers a text before his 34-16 victory on Sunday. While Rodgers was away, Bowles phoned the defence. Buster CB Skrine abandoned the match on Sunday with a concussion, which was the 4th one he has sustained since 2015. Jets capitalized CB Rashard Robinson on Monday. Rodinson returns from a four-game ban because he violates the league's drug policies.

He returns at a good moment for the jets, which could do without Skrine and Trumaine Johnson (Quad) against the Colts. Robinson would play a big part in the Sunday match. Jets published J.J. Wilcox who took only 25 snapshots this year to clear Robinson's place in the burro.

Roberts and Nickerson saw a longer season with Johnson and Skrine on Sunday, and they'll probably do it again, but Robinson gives the jets extra help.

New York Jets tookways after the victory of Denver Broncos: Do they know how to deal with wealth?

RUTHERFORD - The jets have seen pretty much everything in the first five matches of the year. For the September finals they were not to be seen. Exactly a few weeks later, with the 34-16 victory over the Broncos on Sunday, they put together their most comprehensive achievement of the year. A lot of analysts believe that the jets are an inconsistent crew that doesn't have enough skills to put everything together from one week to the next.

However, in the changing room of the jets there is the faith that this is a young crew on the brink of finding out everything. They have had only two series of wins since the 2016 campaign began, and it has been exactly a year since their last series of wins. When the jets want to take the next steps, they have to show that they can deal with wealth before anyone believes in them.

It was for many different purposes that Todd Bowles and his team were betrayed during the three seasons of the jets. However, Sunday's victory against the Broncos was almost faultless from the coach's point of view. In the offensive, the jets used two narrow end caps to defend Sam Darnold and determine the play.

This offensive took control of the match in every respect, winning more than 500 yards for the first consecutive year since 2013. Jets were able to exert unrelenting force on Case Keenum, take him out of his pace early and neutralise the running match. Nobody would have been outraged if the jets that have been through all these adversities in the last three week had pleated for early sales and given the leadership to Denver.

You reacted with your best match of the year. It' s a merit of Bowles and his associates. The Broncos' smash won't mean much to the jets that won't be competing against the Colts on Sunday. However, it was all a result of the calm concentration of the jets to win this contest by victory the attempt at the mark ofcrimmage.

Victory at the line ofcrimmage is not the most glamorous thing. Following the Jets' Sunday victory, they hope to make the bodily game on thecrimmage line part of their identities. "That' s how we're gonna have to gamble to beat games," said bowles.

Surely it worked against the Broncos and Keenum who were stunned the whole time. Anderson and Darnold are clearly evolving chemistries. This could alter everything for the jet offensive, which at last has a legitimately big-play menace. Proof of their burgeoning relationship was seen on Sunday when Darnold joined Anderson on 76 and 35 yard Touchdown passages.

Anderson and Darnold have been working together for six month trying to build a relationship. Involving Anderson is crucial to the offensive of the jets because of his velocity - he is the best dead-ball threat on the list. If the defense has to be concerned that a man like Anderson might make a big move, it opens up other things for the offensive - even the sprout-action.

But if he can stick with it, the jet offensive will be much more energetic and perilous. On Sunday, Marcus Maye wrote NFL-Story. In the last match of the match, Maye caught Keenum in the end area and then bitched and jagged the length of the peloton for a 104 -yard comeback.

Maye' s team-mates, of course, ruthlessly teased him in the dressing room after the match - especially Adams, who was joking that Maye should throw the football back to him as they do.

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