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Set up your secure user account to order your taxi, which will be sent directly to our dispatching system. Taxi Click is a completely free smartphone app that lets you order taxis quickly, securely and easily. Understand ?Please that there are cases where you cannot order a taxi due to area, weather, road conditions and taxi availability.

Downlaod our free application for your portable devices.

Taxi Click is a free smartphone application that lets you order your taxi quickly, securely and conveniently. With just a few mouse clicks, a taxi arrives wherever you are, which saves you valuable travel and makes mobility in the city much simpler. To order your taxi, move the personal symbol to any location and then click on the "Taxi" symbol.

After clicking on the highlighted "Taxi" symbol, you will be asked to validate your query, and if you agree, a taxi will immediately be searched for the next taxi. This all happens instantly, without having to talk to an employee, and you can verify the status of your order by just looking at the mobile monitor.

At what point is my order? Your application will text you a message confirming your order. As soon as a taxi has been found, the application sends a verification text message to your mobile and you can follow the process directly on the card. Your taxi will still reach its final destination even if you shut down the application.

If you also need information about the equipment of the taxi, the number plates and the type of vehicles, just click on the symbol. Which kind of taxi arrives? There are also a number of additional choices, such as choosing your holiday location, ordering a vehicles designed for those with specific needs, or paying by your own bank account and other specifics.

They can also apply for a card allowing delayed payments for a service and the identification of the cardholder without the need to present a card or supporting document. There is also a dedicated edition of the "TaxiClick Desk" application for companies such as hotel, office and restaurant owners, and a computer edition of the "TaxiClick PC" application, with functions specifically tailored to the needs of corporate customers.

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