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homepage Beyond the normal to make sure buyers and sellers are fully happy. There is a flagship shop room in which we operate the Shop and Selling Programme, which allows us to stock aircraft free of cost to the vendor, keep them tidy and representative, insure them and make them available for viewing 7 nights a week. Our staff is available to assist you with any queries you may have.

ATA has been introduced after having heard of problems from property managers and vendors who have found aircraft servicing or movement best adapted to new and current GA pilot aircraft. Purchasing and searching for the right aircraft or proper servicing was a lengthy and sometimes frustrating journey, with individual aircraft visited at multiple points, or bad communications during aircraft overhaul.

Since this was my first aircraft acquisition, I wasn't sure what to look forward to, but the entire negotiating procedure up to the completion of the transfers was done very well. And I appreciate the additional efforts you have made Leah, in conjunction with the AAA, the vendor and the bank, to keep Leah on top of the delivery and me up to date throughout the entire transaction.

Hello Andrew, I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us regarding the sale of our new chopper G-OTVI. That plane was in Great Britain and I am living in the USA. Buying an aircraft abroad and scheduling its entry is a very complex one.

The plane was flown back to the USA in person and I am very satisfied with the plane and the services.

Aircrafts for sale | Light aircrafts, Ultralight aircrafts, Gliders, Autogyros, Hubschrauber etc.

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