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Taxist strike against Uber causes havoc in Spain' cites

Trade unions' leaders were due to convene later that morning with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's administration to try to settle the quarrel in which taxi riders have been smothering major streets and growling airfields, buses and railway yards since Saturday. Together with colleagues in many other continental Europe nations, Spanish taxi operators say that ride-hauling applications have made it virtually unbearable to survive competition.

"Uber and Cabify are jeopardising the vitality of the taxi industry and 130,000 workplaces. ... The trade unions consider this dishonest form of fair trade intolerable," the UGT said in a declaration. Trade unions say that the existing legislation to have one tachograph licence for every 30 taxi licences is not being complied with and want the transfer of tachograph licences between riders to be stopped.

Featuring donors such as Goldman Sachs and BlackRock, estimated at more than $70 billion, Uber is struggling with protest, prohibition and restriction worldwide as it is challenging conventional taxi companies and upsetting some trade unionists. The London taxi driver is considering the option of filing a collective lawsuit against Uber after the application was given a provisional licence extension to run in the UK city.

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