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I' ve been using the ComfortDelGro SMS Taxi Booking Service for over a month and it has become my preferred mobile service. The SMS Taxi Cabs Pvt. Ltd. provides taxi services mainly in Mumbai, India. Sms Taxi is a service active in the major Italian cities that allows you to request or book a taxi from your phone, just send an SMS!

An innovative service that allows you to call a taxi with a short SMS, saving you telephone costs and waiting!


Sms Taxi is a taxi booking system that operates in the main towns in Italy and allows you to call or reserve a taxi from your telephone, just text us! A second SMS will be sent to you informing you of the taxi's identity and estimated ETA: "Rovigo 60 will be arriving in 3mins.

If you have reserved a taxi for a different date or a different period of your stay than the date when the SMS was sent, you will receive: Reservation SMS. second SMS, 10 min before the scheduled date, which will remind you of the reservation and inform you about the arrival of the taxi.

I need a cell telephone. the number where I can text 366 673 0000. The text is always available. The text is available immediately, no need to register. You can choose whether to order an instant taxi or book a trip. This advanced feature allows you to call a taxi conveniently and quickly.

Implementing the taxi demand handler via SMS is also good for business processes: the value of its use can be measured by a number of key metrics. The most important advantage for the customer is also the response speed: thanks to the SMS services, the taxi reservation times are cut by 80% and the call times are shortened at the same moment.

What is the price of using SMS TAXI? There is no charge for the services.

Whatsapp/sms (CHAT)

It' a very easy process, just record the number 3939-70-6969 in your WhatsApp and telegram contact on your smart phone and sent a note to call a taxi anywhere in the Milan area. As well as the precise pick-up point, include in the notice the number of travellers, the means of fare and whether baggage or pets are present, in order to obtain the most appropriate car for each journey.

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