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The AirGuide Manufacturing LLC company research & investment information. A vintage air ladder meter for your classic boat. Traditional air conductor measuring instruments are becoming very rare. If possible, we carry new old air conductor measuring devices.

Over 50 years, AirGuide Manufacturing has established confidence.

Over 50 years, AirGuide Manufacturing has established confidence. AirGuide began as the premier address for building and retrofitting in the U.S. littoral states, producing the industry's most dependable, energy-efficient and durable all-aluminum gratings, grids, stops and diffusors to serve the global marketplace. Supported by our No No No No No No No No No No No Call Backs commitment and our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty*, AirGuide's high-quality ventilation grids, tabs and vents help you achieve LEED credit and cost reductions while simultaneously leveraging the economic and environmental synergies forever.

As you meet the evolving and one-of-a-kind needs of today's busy corporate, industry, residential personal and public environments, you can count on AirGuide's dedication and best practice to help you become faster, easier and more competitive. Our US-manufactured and GSA-approved full and break size GSA grade product is available in a range of stock and specialty colours for all customized and efficient streamlined production lines from our 52,000 square foot Miami, Florida plant.

Engineering and architectural firms can customise the specification to meet customers' needs, while dealers and their builders / contractors / installers are able to carry out customised orders and individual programmes at reasonable prices, eliminating the stigmatisation that customised grade product must be highly priced.

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Magnificently used classic aerodynamic guidance system. The suitable ducts are approx. 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", while the sailor is approx. 5" x 4 1/4". BOX IS OUTSIDE THE BOTTOM. KOMPASS WORKS WELL, BUT THE FITTING THAT IS ATTACHED TO THE WINDOW IS NOT THERE. Airguide-Compact Chicago USA with float mount for the boat Marine.

Clear, clear, like new. Supplied with mounting bracket. Vtg Type 87 Airguide Marine Compass Chicago U.S.A. Alnico Vacagnet! The Airguide Marine Compass #87 comes in stock in a very c-length state.... (the speaker itself is pushed n filthy with the normal wearing.... Marine compass airguide. The compass is in perfect working order and working order &.

The holder for the Compass is absent. THERE' ARE THE MAGNETS ABSENT. Second-hand pictures for the state before you make your purchase decisions. Pretty nice state map now. A fabulous Chicago Airguide Compass. Housing made of synthetic material, aluminium holder. Denny & Barb..made in Japan Dashboard Illuminated Auto-Boat Fluid Full Kompass. Seems to be in good shape.

Airguide. Cart is nos in nos boxes. The synthetic material on the boxes is not good, but the compass is nos. Other is an airguide. If not, the navigator is operational. Beautiful older USA compass, all still fastened. Cover, mounting plate, wire and adjustment screw on the bottom. Auctions for the Airguide Marina Compeass.

Second-hand Luftwaffe and Flush Mount Kompass. Photographs of the state before you make your purchase decisions. Airguide 6 Compass" Looks like the capsule is a licetrap.

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